Friday, June 24, 2016

friday cat blogging

Sammy' last haircut,on April 8 of this yr, was very x-citing, but it now must be repeated, as we've entered on the hottest days & weeks of the yr, & not even 90 days is gone since de last 1. 

I spoze if she had 2 have 3 haircuts this summer it wouldn't B Z end of Z world.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

a gnu post

Horrorshow.  I made it back without letting a whole month go by.

About halfway thru our "Southwest Wanderslust" trip I decided I should get a *device*  of some kind  so I could write on the blog. Got me a Samsung tablet which turned or 2 b a bad mis-take, as the ANDROID™ operating system concerns itself only with creating a platform for advertising. It does so with amazing efficiency, and makes a simple action like signing into facebook impossible, unless you're already registered and inspected on that computadore.

 I'll return it 2 where I got it from this morning.