Sunday, June 28, 2015

life in these disunited states

Looking around at the US today, I quickly come to the conclusion that this country hasn't been so divided since the Civil War.

Then it was brother vs brother, and today we're seeing that again.

In those days whites, who ruled the place, agonized and disagreed, to the point of going to war, about what the status of blacks in America was, and what it should be. Just like today.

On one hand we had, and have, an industrialized, urban population, quick, intelligent, mobile, and contemptuous of any kind of rural slowness or traditional points of view. On the other we have the tribe of bumpkins -- romantics who  dislike the anti-idealist tendencies of modern science.

And there's where the problem lies. If people look at the facts and disagree on a course of action, that's OK, but if they can't agree on what the facts are, you've got real problems, for the nature of reality comes into question.

I doubt that the coming confrontation will be as bloody as the last time, but it could be. Either way, there has to be some kind of resolution of the issues.

1. Science is here to say. Relgion and science need to agree; when they don't one or the other is wrong.

2. White Christians no longer rule America. The 14th Amendment (adopted 1867) makes clear who is a citizen, who isn't, & posits the equality of all citizens.

3 Facts are things that are true,  & the stuff you make up isn't necessarily, no matter how much you might wish it was.

4. Communism. socialism, fascism, racism, nationalism, black & otherwise, even abstract expressionism, are all on the outs. It's time for an end to -isms, and past time for Americans to start dealing with each other as human beings rather than abstractions or "demographics."

Saturday, June 27, 2015

bollocky bill the hitler cat

Not my cat, but a good one.

There are lots of Hitler cats, but no Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, or 

Gandhi cats I know of.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

And yes, I know it's Saddy already. My bad.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

jonny getcher gun in wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday loosened gun restrictions in Wisconsin by signing a pair of bills that would make it quicker to buy guns and easier to carry them.

O man, I DO love me some "dairy state." 

Wisconsin is definitely where I wanna vacation this summer, starting in Plainfield, at the Ed Gein museum & memorial.

You can buy a Winnebago & 20# of cream cheese, then paint an appropriate design on the front of yr new vee-hickle & head south. Don't forget why U went there in the 1st place -- be sure 2 pick up a couple AR-15's & sufficient magazines 4 a deer-hunting trip.


Monday, June 22, 2015

ye foxe & ye raysyns

Wm. Caxton, the printer, retold this beautiful old fable of Aesop in 1484.

He is not wyse
That desyreth to haue a thynge whiche he may not haue,
As reciteth this fable Of a foxe
Whiche loked and beheld the raysyns that grewe vpon an hyghe vyne,
The whiche raysyns he moche desyred for to ete them.
And whanne he sawe that none he myght gete,
he torned his sorowe in to Ioye
and sayd These raysyns ben sowr, 
and yf I had some I wold not ete them."

And therfore this fable sheweth that he is wyse
Whiche fayneth not to desyre that thynge the whiche he may not haue /

(I think it was his wyfe who really wanted the raysyns,)

2 dam hot

The news is, it's too damn hot to do any thing in the Phoenix area right now, even post 2 a blog.

This was in our car a couple days ago, and there's been no let-up.

Friday, June 19, 2015

friday's cat

                                                                 Bedframe Blues

Thursday, June 18, 2015

we need to talk about this every day for a long time...

Dylann Storm Roof

On this profoundly tragic morning, when we awake to find that a 21-yr-old man in S. Carolina went into a black church last nite and told the 13 people sitting there, "You rape our women & you're taking over our country. And you have to go," Then shot and killed 9 of those attending the service, I have nothing to offer but a little food for thought.

Imagine the principle of ethnic sovereignty being applied to the US, where one's ethnicity is of no consequence provided one looks, sounds and behaves sufficiently Anglo. In the US, ethnicity has been reduced to questions of music and cuisine, with perhaps a festival here and there, but always with the tacit understanding that “ethnic” means “other”: there is no such thing as an “ethnic Anglo.” Since ethnicity is essentially taboo, the completely artificial construct of race is used instead, with artificial, discriminatory labels attached to categories of individuals. The label “Latino” is particularly bogus, since there is very little in common between, say, a Cuban and a Bolivian, except that both are likely to face discrimination, neither being considered sufficiently “white”—Anglo, that is. But imagine if the Mexicans or the African-Americans were to be granted a similar level of autonomy within the US? It would blow the country to pieces!

A country predicated on protecting “white privilege” cannot possibly survive such a corruption of its founding principles. The US fought a revolution to keep slavery legal (it was about to be abolished by the British); then it fought a civil war to change slavery from one form to another (there are more African-Americans in US jails now than there were slaves in the Confederate South prior to the Civil War).

Nobody knows what wars lie in its future, or what will provoke them, but this particular intercivilizational fault line is likely to be very important. For what is a nation? Is it your tribe, or is it a bunch of mercenaries pretending to be Anglo so that they are allowed into the country club? Only time will tell which of the two civilizations will prove to be more durable.

--Dmitry Orlov

The perp was arrested in NC a few minutes ago.

everything must go

The Pope has spoken, and made clear that if we're going to survive and prosper as a species on this planet, we're going to have to change one thing -- EVERYTHING.

There's no new science revealed in Francis's message, but the philosophy is startlingly original.

 What you see in the illustration is both a beneficiary and a victim of privilege. Remove privilege from the world, and you remove everything in the picture except the cement block and the mind of the sufferer. Gone are the television, ball & chain, couch, ashtray, beer can, trash spread promiscuously about (pizza boxes & beer cans) & 200 lbs of blubber encasing 150 lbs of muscle & bone.

Transform the pcture in that way and the guy literally leaps into the air, liberated & set free. Keep everything the same and he dies in misery, enslaved by his own addictions, the first of which isn't shown -- the car in the garage.

100 Years of transportation whoopee & EVERY body would look like this.

It's our job at this point to think about what Francis has told us, for with our thoughts we make the world. But don't think 2 long; the need for action now is urgent.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015