Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Пятница котенок кошка

                                       Morning bath time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

bourgeois blues -- wealth of dirt

I've located this country's buttocks, and the anal fundament, which is parked along the Montana-Alberta  line. about 1/3 of the way from Montana's  eastern border.

That's the point at which phase 3 of the Keystone pipeline is slated to cross into the US.                                       

From world's biggest producer 2 takin it in the butt, in 45 yrs. -- that's how desperate we R.

Why don't we just get it from Vlad like every body else, you know, by buying it.

Leave those filthy tar sands where they are -- under the ground. Extend the Alaska Pipeline to east coast Sibieria.

Resources now going to the exploitation of increasingly expensive and difficult-2-extract petroleum should be directed to production and implementation of windmills and solar panels. Yes, it really IS that simple, and yeah, I'm dead serious.

Hey Folks, It's 2015. NOT 1915!

Wake up buttheads, lest ye beome pimples on the ass of progress.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

раб-ing USA (Slaving USA)

Ben Affleck pressured PBS 2 edit out any reference 2 his slaver ancestors when he appeared on their show Finding Your Roots recently, and they went along with it.

PBS denies it, but Wikileaks emails released just this past week show they're lying.

He he. As if any of us have any control over what our ancestors did.

I'm neither ashamed nor proud of the fact that the Brices were slave owners, and also lived on land which formerly was the hunting-and-living ground of the Creek Nation. The guy on the $20 massacred the Creeks, nearly all of em, at Horseshoe Bend in present-day Alabama in 1814. Only  a couple hundred got out alive, and joined the Seminole in Florida.

The next year old 20bucks became a national hero when he "fought the bloody British at the Town of New Orleans." So it goes. 

Francis Brice was a slaver, as his parents had been. The parents came from England, and I think it was my great-great grandmother, Joanna Stallings, who was hot to take up the slave trade. Their kids followed their example until 1865 intervened.

My great Uncle David, for whom I am named, died in 1864 fighting for the slaveocracy. My folks considered naming me for my great-gradfather, Tim Brice, but he was a malingerer during the war.

I like the name David better than Timothy, but I'm sure I'd have gotten used to it. And I'm probably the first person in my family to beleve it's better 2 be a live malingerer than a dead war hero, especially one who gave his life for a buncha rich and disgusting slave owners, and their Kapital investment.  

Like most modern, industrial-age wars, the US Civil War was mainly about kapital. Don't believe it? I can back it up.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Пятница кошка блогов (pyatnitsa koshka blogov)

Sammy came home from the grooming parlor yesterday with her summer buzzcut. She doesn't like it, but she'll feel a lot better going into May and June.

Curled up in her chair she looks almost normal, except 4 her head, which now seems way 2 big for that skinny little body. A week ago she looked like this:

She appears to have shrunk by about 2/3, but in reality is simply without her typical Norwegian cat's overcoat.

The ladies at the parlour enjoy this annual ritual, and outdid themselves this time,  rendering my NFC into a little lion, with a hair clump at the end of the tail.
Here, as Sammy enjoys her freshly-catnipped  scratcher, you can see the total effect.

The overcoat remains on her face, the legs below the knees (but not the bottoms of the feet), and at the end of her tail. She's an old gal now, and her hind tits are sagging badly. 

Even cats have to obey the law of gravity. Yeah, I know, she's funny looking, but  It doesn't take 2 long to grow back, and I might have to get her buzzed again before high summer is here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


A Hogofogo, as I understand it, denotes a sort of rustic clown in some Balkan cultures, a bumpkin.

At least that's my impression. But it was also the name of the suave villain in "Lemonade Joe" -- the guy whose name sends a murmur of fear & admiration through the crowd in the saloon -- "Ho-go-FO-go?!"

Now, I'm not sure where this is going, but there's an antique unblog floating about in the ether called Hogofogo. the full citation is

And on this unblog one finds a single entry from AD 2006 entitled "Testovaci."

One wonders how many millions of these artifacts are out there floating in the ether. Somebody puts up a title and goes "testing, testing," before deciding this blogging thing isn't 4 him, and closing the door 4 ever.

& How many more blogs are winging about aimlessly with no posts -- ø, zip, none -- such as   ?

This is the stuff of internet archaeology -- not a shovel-ready science. It does raise some interesting questions, however.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

z cowboy jeezny

I yam here, a cowboy in Arizona, on my wrench, planning a big old bar-B-Q.

It'll be more like sides and a little barbecue meat, than a big meat orgy. Meat is like a lot of tings in life, i. e., a little is good for us, but a lot causes problems.

Instead of tons of carné, we shall have baskets full of hot corn on the cob, a tub of cold potato salad, and pinto beans in bbq sauce, as well as fresh breads & corn tortillas, and a big bowl of pullpork. byob.

I think everybody could have a bangup time B-ing a cowboy in Arizona. It's really kind of a cowboy place. The Population here is amazingly fluid & transient; everyone you meet just got here last month. 

The weather is grate here. Lately it's been considerably wetter than California, & the desert about PHX muchas verdantes.

So don't even think about it no more. It's kind of a spooky end-of-days party happening out here on a very large beach far from the sea, if your humble narrator is not mistaken.

Every One who wants 2 change the world & has some idea what he or she wants 2 do, and is able 2 do about it should be in Arizona. I've seen the future, & it's here.

Could some One please bring a salad?

Drawing: "me big tuff stinky cowboy" by shansa