Friday, August 28, 2015

of splebes, diagonadl & z "é booby''

dish yere is made me loif completL! it's a jen -u -wine  DIAGONADL SPLEBE.

My life's great desire & purpose is fulfilled, & come on, relly, this perfect SPLEBE  has gone unremarked, tho in my possession 4 a cupola yrs's just a matter of 'C-IN'G things As THeY riLLy R.

There;s the signpost, Up ahead(!) -- You're entering...

Definitely not a What Were We Doin? story; it was more like "What did us?"

This is a screen shot of z haboob that was spoze 2 smite us day B4  yistidday (8//26).  At this pt. it was 10-12 mins south of here, and all dust out in front.

By the time it hit us at 8-50pm it was heavy rain & dust mixed 2-Gether ---- woreded inuit joansing pretty guid, ye rain alasted long enoug & was sufre intense enough 2 wash it all 'clen.'

Thursday, August 27, 2015

fear & loathing in d.c.

It isn't hard to figure what's driving the Biden 4 preznit thing. 

The Dem establishment is desperate 2 find an alternative 2 Mrs. Clinton who isn't Bernie Sanders.

DC politicians fear & hate this guy to the same degree some of us R devoted 2 the cause.

Monday, August 24, 2015

worse than hitler

For once, I have nothing to add.

Welcome to clusterfuck nation.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

high crimes

The first presidential cabinet member convicted of a felony while serving was Warren G. Harding's secretary of the interior Albert Fall, who did two years after his 1922 conviction for accepting bribes in connection with the Teapot Dome, Wyoming oil lease scandal.

Fifty-five years went by before John Mitchell, Nixon's Attorney-General, was convicted of conspiracy, perjury, and obstruction of justice in connection with the famous burglary of Democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. Mitchell, to be fair, had recently resigned his office at the time.

Earl  Butz, President Ford's secretary of agriculture, was not convicted of a felony while in office, but was forced to resign after telling a joke on a public flight which was overheard and reported by the TV correspondent Geraldo Rivera, to wit: "The only things a nigger cares about are having loose shoes, a tight pussy, and a warm place to shit." In 1978, 4 years after his resignation, Butz pled guilty to income tax evasion in excess of $100,000, served 25 days in jail and paid the money back.

Two members of Reagan's Cabinet, Attorney-General Edwin Meese and interior secretary James Watt, barely avoided felony convictions. Watt pled guilty to a single, lesser, misdemeanor charge as he stood accused of 25 counts of perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with influence peddling at the department of housing and urban development Meese resigned in a timely fashion when he was being investigated by a special prosecutor for selling his influence over his long-time friend, the president.

The foregoing is an example of opinion writing with no opinion ever expressed.

Every sentence is an easily-verifiable fact.

To point to abuse is to condemn it.

Also, I find it interesting that all 4 presidents mentioned are of the same political party,

Friday, August 21, 2015

ping-pong politics

Trying 2 discern larger patterns of US presidential politics, it looks to me as if voters have spent the last 40 yrs getting whipsawed from pillar to post.

Starting with Carter, an ineffectual liberal who discovered that good intentions don't mean a thing if you don't have the swag to intimidate Congress, voters turned in frustration to the hard right-winger Reagan, and loved him until he proved 2 B a habitual liar and tax cheat. Michael Dukakis was such a mediocre candidate he couldn't even best the elder Bush, but  Clinton had no trouble doing so.

Of all the occupants of the White House in the past 40 yrs, Clinton was closest to being a magician, and pulled at least a couple of rabbits out of hats. His welfare reform, for example, though it hurt a lot of people as well as helping some, brilliantly stole a march on his opposition. But in the end he played ball with the oligarchs, gutting bank regulation by allowing Larry Summers to sabotage the Glass-Steagall Act. Next was the stupidest president (so far) Dubya, followed by the most ineffectual liberal ever, Obama.

To some degree it's not Obama's fault. He naively underestimated the ferocity of his racist opposition, and due to his habitual narcissism induced by doting grandparents, failed to learn the lessons Carter left 4 him 35 yrs earlier concerning the intractability of a hostile Congress. We endured 8 yrs of Obama & all we have to show for it is the crappy Affordable Care Act. It sets a good precedent, but then so did Jimmy Carter's Environment speech of so long ago. 

As we look @ the current field of candidates, voters have little 2 B cheerful about. Between a boatload of ludicrous Rehooligans who appear 2 B attempting 2 outdo each other in stupid macho posturing and Hillary Clinton, whose skin-deep liberalism covers everything & touches nothing, the shallowness of our political system stands exposed.

It's past time for an end to ping-pong politics. let's see -- there must B SOMEone out there who's different...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

good golly miss molly

Right. She's been dead these 8 years, but some of us haven't forgotten that Molly Ivins may have been the best pure political writer America ever produced.                                

If not the best, she was the funniest in her daily handling of a naturally depressing topic. On the event of the Elevation of St. Ronald in 1980 Ivins wrote:

"As a life-long Texas liberal, I have spent the  whole of my existence in a political climate well to the right of that being created by Ronald Reagan and his merry zealots. Brethren and sistren, this can not only be endured, it can be laughed at. Actually, you have two other choices. You could cry or you could throw up."

Ivins read today reminds us that before there was Donald T. Rump there was Dubya, and before Dubya there was Reagan, and that things aren't getting any better. But while there's nothing in contemporary politics to celebrate, you don't want to make things harder on yourself. "You want to end up looking like Jeane Kirkpatrick? So smile."

The fight of her life was not political, however, and when she succumbed to inflammatory breast cancer in 2007, aged 62, only those very close to her even knew she was sick. Self-pity was not the style of this strong six footer, who left us so much and asked so little.

Even after 8 yrs I still miss her. RIP, Molly, and yes, you can say that. Who's gonna stop you?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

arguing with counter-revolutionaries

Just about all of the good (material) things in your life is supplied by corporations.  You are greedy and want more, so you are about to kill the golden goose (sic).

Ah yes, the classic lament of the counter-revolutionary: "You guys will wreck  EVERYTHING; nothing will be                     like it is now."

Yeah, that's kind of the idea.

No more megabucks flowing to the .1%. No more war for those parasites to batten on.

No more crappy & useless paper pushing "jobs" in cubicles. Just listen to crazy Jim:

The more detached from reality American culture becomes the more strictly ceremonial leadership gets, as illustrated by the raft of bromides Barack Obama floated past the assembled vassalage of government last week in another grand effort to avoid the necessities of the moment.

Those necessities include freeing a hostage public from the tyrannical clutches of corporate despotism — the evil empire of big boxes, big burgers, big pharma, Big Brother — and the atrocious rackets fostered by them that masquerade as an economy. The template of the life we have known is broken and the pieces within are flying apart, and no amount of wishing or promising can keep them going. If this society is even going to survive, the people have to smash their way out of this template prison, probably against the efforts of the people and organizations now running it merely for their own benefit. (Januay 2015).

Don''t listen to the siren song of the counter revolutionary. I'd rather drink muddy water & sleep in a hollow log / than to stay around here gettin treated like a dirty dog.

What's so bad about it? War & racketeering mostly. Russia fell when the Czar refused to acknowledge the war (WWI) was a lost cause, France when the monarchy refused to force the .1% off the backs of the people. What hapens is that the people look at the thin layer of "leadership" holdig society together, realize "they don't give a damn about us," and then recognize how easy it is to shake em off.

If you're thinking our situation here today is unique, you're dreamin. The last time this almost happened (1929-30) it was brought on by a nearly identical situation, in which the oligarchy, ater wrecking the economy, left the people holding the shitty end of the stick. 

One more thing, Seraphim: civilization is a lot tuffer than you think. It won't go away...