Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ex'posions of bernieism

Since The New Hampshire primaries last thursday, with their dramatic & emphatic results, there's been a swelling & tangible tidal wave of enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders.. It's growing very rapidly now. I never knew so many Freekish folks ready to blow their corks.

I can just about smell it when I go outside. zyt smells like freedom, and also blood. 

I hope it is not ours. 


Saturday, February 06, 2016

dueling in durham

It was knock-'m-down bare knuckles in Durham, NH Thursday evening as the forced absconding of the marshmallowy Martin O'Malley finally opened things up, & provided the fireworks between the two viable presidential candidates I'd hoped for from the beginning.

When Sec'ty Clinton accused Sanders of conducting an *artful smear* against her personally, it was on. The *smear* consists of factual information regarding the 650K piasters she got from Goldman Sachs for speaking fees, usually accompanied by a reminder that she voted for unleashing Dubya 4 the Iraq War.

Sen. Sanders countered that he's able to *not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. I am very proud to be the only candidate up here that does not have a super PAC.*

I was glad 2 see it, since we are at long last in  the year of the giant election. So never vote for anyone who voted to let Geo W Bush rummage about in the mideast, & laissez les bons temps rouler.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

...and so...on to nuevo hemp, sire

Ye Newes from Neuvo Hemp, Sire, is that every one is there -- from zoup 2 nuts, or vrom Bernie's chicken soup 4-D  soul 2 Mr.T's (Ted's) Cruznuts.

Zair iss notting left, my lad, 4 2 contend 4, excepting plain & UN-surpris'd rebellion, or what some would call  *political revolution.*

Ye American Revolution was such a type, for any one who possessed real power in those days wanted to abstain from attacking the fk dato-pms pain center (or in udder wurds) Ovum ozoo'm, as ye tater tytt  fren--zeeee OK?! 

so, ikan go ();j) wid. it  (g/)0-[widdit]-0.
iike I kan go widdit, o widout. 
But I prefer Wiffit, ooo00h 000h o0 yeh,
Cuz it's so much nicer than widout one
oh Man, it's Nice.


Айова Кавказ

What happened in Iowa Monday evening was very significant. Hillary C. celebrated a dead heat with an over-the-top victory speech that showed just how scared she is. 

Bernie was much calmer, of course. With New Hampshire in his hip pocket, he's got the inside track @ the moment.

Trump is getting swarmed by all the other Rehooligans now after losing to Ted Cruz. How they hate him for not playing by the rules.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


I looked at my blog this moning and realized with consternation that I haven't posted here for a week.

For which i can offer only the usual vague excuse -- I've been really busy, sleeping mostly. For the last two weeks I've been taking radiation therapy for cancer, and it makes a person very sleepy, which is OK if you don't have to go to work or something ridiculous like that.

Plus the greatest accomplishment of my life -- my daughter -- was here last week, and we got to deal with her manic energy due to ADHD -- a lot of fun, but a bit wearing for a couple of old people. She used 2 B tortured by the condition, but now enjoys it.

But enuff of my boring excuses. I'll be back domani, woth my own take on the Iowa cock-asses. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

sick puppies

Syphilis has always been somebody else's fault.

When Diego Rivera painted the conqueror of Mexico, Hernan Cortez, he portrayed him as a deformed syphilitic monster, the origin of the disease both in the New World and Europa. He conveniently leaves out that if Cortez had syphilis he got it from somebody else.

The English called it the French disease. The French called it the Spanish disease. The Russians called it the Polish disease.

Personally, I call it the blue dog Democrat disease.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Obsequeious Sycophants and Servile Subjects

1. Is Kindaloser Ricepuffs giving AIDS and Comfits to the enema? "I whish that we could of recive strong massages of sopport from the US so we don't give some boost to the terrist and mak dem feel zat dey might of achiv sockcess," said the Grand Poobah of Montenegro 2day, in the whake of Ricepuffs's camel-toad bizkit.

2. There is knew legilslation in Congerss witch would require Pres. Whatshisface to get Congerssional apporval before he goes to war with Iran. And good for Wally "Friddom Frys" Jones who is pushing it. He's gones from friddom frys to friddom of spitch.

3. Converzation herd in a Congerssional herring this weak: Senator Spectator sez: Now wait a minute, wait a minute, please, Mr. Postman.

The Contistution says you can't take it away. Except in the case. Of invasion or rebellion. Doesn't that minn you have the rite of habeas corpus?

And Abu Gsonxalez sez: I meant by that cement that the Contistution doesn't say that every individual in the United States or avery citizen has or is assured the rite of habeas corpus. It doesn't say that. It simply says that the rite of habeas corpus shall not be supsended. Thass wot I ment by that remark, Senator Spectator.

Glad you cleered that up for us, Abu.

4. Ted Nugent Ted Nugent

The aging roker appeared on stage at Texass gobernor Rik Parry's second inuageral. Using machin gones a propos, Nugent, 58, appeared on stage as the finale act of the inuageral ball wharing a cut off "T" shirt embalzoned with the Confaderate flog and shouting in cohairant remarks about non-English speakers, according to people who were their.

violent souls

I walked out this morning on my way to the bank and the store. The street was quiet and peaceful. There was sunshine, a light breeze, and the occasional car going by. A young mother walked by with her two little kids in tow. 

What kind of world are those kids going to live in? Better than the one they're living in now, I hope, but I doubt it. 

I was thinking about the war. Not the Iraq War, although that's part of it. I thought of the bloodshed, the violence, the bombs, the desperate struggle of men to stay alive in a burning hell of bullets and 
explosions, and wondered why. 

When I think about the wars of the last 100 years, from World War I to Iraq, the primary feature of all of them is senselessness. There were excuses for all those wars and all that violent death, but no real reasons. 

The terrifying slaughter of World War I was deliberately set off by childish colonial and commercial rivalries among the ruling classes of Europe. Hitler ignited the worst war the world has ever seen using the fantastic pretext of a perceived need for Germany to expand her territory. His rage and thirst for blood were not  satisfied with a world-wide conflagration, and he compounded his crimes by murdering millions of innocents in death factories. 

In this country the last two generations have seen the pointless bloodletting and violent, deep-soul trauma of the imbecile Vietnam campaign, and most recently in Iraq, the muddled, violent attempt of a failing empire to secure supplies of a diminishing resource halfway around the world, in an ill-advised attempt to prop up a way of life scheduled for extinction. 

All these conflicts except the first saw the violent deaths of as many civilians as combatants, and the blood of the innocent, in the words of Genesis, cries up from the ground for retribution. 

Why did these things happen, and continue to happen? Those who started these wars always blamed the enemy -- if only he had been willing to listen to reason...if only they were less like themselves and more like us, pure, virtuous, and good -- and anyway He attacked Us first... 

But the real reason, the inescapable truth about these pointless convulsions of bloodshed and violence over the past century is that they were expressions of violent rage perpetrated by violent, fearful, and enraged men. Look at our highest-level politicians and our captains of industry. You can see the violence in their eyes. You can hear it in their words. Turn on the TV to any cable news channel, and you find yourself in direct confrontation with the pathology of violent souls. 

For the United States, which spends as much money on the means of violence, bloodshed, and destruction as the rest of the world combined, the responsibility for the level of violence in this beaten and traumatized world rests especially heavy. We have the world's biggest war machine, and that makes us the most violent. 

What we're dealing with here isn't really politics, but medicine. Sick minds and sick souls need treatment. Instead, the sickest among us are talking about the need to do violence to the Iranians. 

We don't need to worry about the Iranians. What we need to worry about is the state of our souls, and really, sincerely, to stop acting like we're out of our minds. 

Attacking Iran -- that's what I'd call a little hair of the dog that bit you.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

капитан трусы

Lately I've been noticing how much Senator John McCain looks like CaptainUnderpants, or *Captain Briefs* as he's called in Russia, Probably B-cause he's one of our AZ senators & is on TV even more here than he is in the rest of the country.

Or maybe I've got that upside down. Maybe it's Captain Underpants who looks like John McCain. 


la lune

What you think dear reader?

Sunrise or moonrise?What's happening here is the full wolf moon is rising in the east, while the sun still hangs in the west.

We took several shots of this phenom about 5:30 last evening.