Tuesday, February 23, 2016

annals of sociopathy -- updaed

"I'd like to punch him in the face" Donald Trump says of a heckler at a Vegas rally, as the man is escorted out by security.

See video of Trump boiling over @ Youtube.

Any body who thinks this Sociopath or any one like him,  should ever be allowed within a mile of the Oval Office should have his or her head examined.

UPDATE:s The Sociopath destroyed what passes for his competition last night in Nevada's caucuses, taking 46% if the votes cast, and proving that among the states,  Nevada wears the mask of sanity.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

с ума кошка (krazy kat)

Item: Contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden told the New Hampshire Liberty Forum on Saturday he would return to America if the government guaranteed him a fair trial and allowed the jury to distinguish between “right and wrong.” 

He must be one krazy Kat if he actually trusts a US "guarantee." It's the same mistake Augusto Sandino & Emiliano Zapata made, & I don't think Snowden is naive enough to fall for it.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

piketty fences

Thomas Piketty, the French rock-star economist & now a columnist for the Guardian (UK), makes a convincing argument that whether Bernie Sanders wins or loses the presidency this year, a new era of progressive politics in the US has already begun.

In his Guardian column on Tuesday, Piketty wrote that * From the 1930s until the 1970s, the US were at the forefront of an ambitious set of policies aiming to reduce social inequalities. Partly to avoid any resemblance with Old Europe, seen then as extremely unequal and contrary to the American democratic spirit, in the inter-war years the country invented a highly progressive income and estate tax and set up levels of fiscal progressiveness never used on our side of the Atlantic. From 1930 to 1980 – for half a century – the rate for the highest US income (over $1m per year) was on average 82%, with peaks of 91% from the 1940s to 1960s (from Roosevelt to Kennedy), and still as high as 70% during Reagan’s election in 1980.*

He then explains why confiscatory income tax rates on incomes over $1m/yr as well as high estate taxes are necessary for any society wishing to avoid concentration of wealth and widespread poverty. Piketty uses standard academic scholarship to make his argument, backing it up with facts as in the quoted paragraph.  This technique isn't original, but it seems brilliant coming at a time when for decades, economic theory in this country has consisted mostly of platitudes and bromides about *freedom.*

And the facts are as well known as any other history. We've known for some time that if our goal is to redistribute income in a society, then an income tax devised for that purpose is the simple and easy way to do it. The money derived from the tax is then distributed to those in need, as health care benefits         and government pensions, housing subsidies, child care for working mothers, etc.

EZ-PZ, & it ain't rocket science. The only thing missing in the US, keeping us from achieving this goal, is the loud and insistent voice of the people, who up until now have been incredibly passive & complacent, at times even participating in political schemes that lead to their own impoverishment.

The arrival of Senator Sanders on the national scene has hopefully put an end to our collective helplessness. We need to make demands on those who rule, starting today, 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

unavoidable absences

I knew I'd be offline over the 3-day weekend, because my wife wanted to take me 2 the ocean down by Sandy Eggo.

As I suspected, it was not the greatest idea because everyone else's wife wanted 2 do the same. And as usual, we went without a reservation or a plan -- just flyin by the proverbial seats of our metaphorical pants.

Next time, besides bein the navigator, I'LL B the planner. Armed with a Rand-McNalley road atlas rather than a skeevy map in a phone, there*s no contingency I won't B able to plan 4, except nuclear war or being abducted by extraerrestrial aliens, or that sort of thing. 

After 3 days stuck in traffic, it's great 2 B home and blogging again. I'll B back tomorrow, and try not to skip more than a day at a time, for the election season is upon us, and at long last there's actually something at stake this time.      

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ex'posions of bernieism

Since The New Hampshire primaries last thursday, with their dramatic & emphatic results, there's been a swelling & tangible tidal wave of enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders.. It's growing very rapidly now. I never knew so many Freekish folks ready to blow their corks.

I can just about smell it when I go outside. zyt smells like freedom, and also blood. 

I hope it is not ours. 


Saturday, February 06, 2016

dueling in durham

It was knock-'m-down bare knuckles in Durham, NH Thursday evening as the forced absconding of the marshmallowy Martin O'Malley finally opened things up, & provided the fireworks between the two viable presidential candidates I'd hoped for from the beginning.

When Sec'ty Clinton accused Sanders of conducting an *artful smear* against her personally, it was on. The *smear* consists of factual information regarding the 650K piasters she got from Goldman Sachs for speaking fees, usually accompanied by a reminder that she voted for unleashing Dubya 4 the Iraq War.

Sen. Sanders countered that he's able to *not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. I am very proud to be the only candidate up here that does not have a super PAC.*

I was glad 2 see it, since we are at long last in  the year of the giant election. So never vote for anyone who voted to let Geo W Bush rummage about in the mideast, & laissez les bons temps rouler.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

...and so...on to nuevo hemp, sire

Ye Newes from Neuvo Hemp, Sire, is that every one is there -- from zoup 2 nuts, or vrom Bernie's chicken soup 4-D  soul 2 Mr.T's (Ted's) Cruznuts.

Zair iss notting left, my lad, 4 2 contend 4, excepting plain & UN-surpris'd rebellion, or what some would call  *political revolution.*

Ye American Revolution was such a type, for any one who possessed real power in those days wanted to abstain from attacking the fk dato-pms pain center (or in udder wurds) Ovum ozoo'm, as ye tater tytt  fren--zeeee OK?! 

so, ikan go ();j) wid. it  (g/)0-[widdit]-0.
iike I kan go widdit, o widout. 
But I prefer Wiffit, ooo00h 000h o0 yeh,
Cuz it's so much nicer than widout one
oh Man, it's Nice.


Айова Кавказ

What happened in Iowa Monday evening was very significant. Hillary C. celebrated a dead heat with an over-the-top victory speech that showed just how scared she is. 

Bernie was much calmer, of course. With New Hampshire in his hip pocket, he's got the inside track @ the moment.

Trump is getting swarmed by all the other Rehooligans now after losing to Ted Cruz. How they hate him for not playing by the rules.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


I looked at my blog this moning and realized with consternation that I haven't posted here for a week.

For which i can offer only the usual vague excuse -- I've been really busy, sleeping mostly. For the last two weeks I've been taking radiation therapy for cancer, and it makes a person very sleepy, which is OK if you don't have to go to work or something ridiculous like that.

Plus the greatest accomplishment of my life -- my daughter -- was here last week, and we got to deal with her manic energy due to ADHD -- a lot of fun, but a bit wearing for a couple of old people. She used 2 B tortured by the condition, but now enjoys it.

But enuff of my boring excuses. I'll be back domani, woth my own take on the Iowa cock-asses.