Tuesday, February 16, 2016

unavoidable absences

I knew I'd be offline over the 3-day weekend, because my wife wanted to take me 2 the ocean down by Sandy Eggo.

As I suspected, it was not the greatest idea because everyone else's wife wanted 2 do the same. And as usual, we went without a reservation or a plan -- just flyin by the proverbial seats of our metaphorical pants.

Next time, besides bein the navigator, I'LL B the planner. Armed with a Rand-McNalley road atlas rather than a skeevy map in a phone, there*s no contingency I won't B able to plan 4, except nuclear war or being abducted by extraerrestrial aliens, or that sort of thing. 

After 3 days stuck in traffic, it's great 2 B home and blogging again. I'll B back tomorrow, and try not to skip more than a day at a time, for the election season is upon us, and at long last there's actually something at stake this time.      

1 comment:

Joseph said...

Welcome home, Dave. I'm looking forward to seeing you on here a lot.