Sunday, September 28, 2014

situation normal afu

As we approach the end of our 12th year at war in Iraq with no end in sight, everything appears 2 B going as planned.

After a short break and a seasonal metamorphosis, the enemy has returned to the field, and our media functionaries are wetting themselves describing how ISIS is more terrorizing, more sadistic, and much more badass than even their al-Qaida predecessors

When our Big Brothers choreograph a war, they require each new incarnation of the enemy 2 be scarier than the one before, otherwise, the two-minutes hate becomes routine, an empty ritual.

You guys wanna know what I think?

2 bad, i'm gonna tell U anyway.

During a week on the road, I eavesdropped on conversations from Seattle to Boise to Salt Lake, and heard exactly zero (ø) people talking about ISIS or the war in Iraq. It was a lot different 12 years ago, if you'll recall.

Last Friday I turned on the tube for the first time since leaving Mesa last spring. There was ISIS, and the airstrikes, and "allies," and the usual lame analyses. It took me about 30 secs to realize I was watching a fkng TV show.

Really, other than in Iraq, TV is the ONLY place this war even exists.

It's hard to resist the conclusion that, like the two earlier Iraq War incarnations, this is strictly a TV war. For people who have never, or who no longer live in "TV Land," there is no war. And there never will be.

Joe Pentagon is, as usual, a little slow on the uptake. He still labors under the illusion that television is the all-poweful medium it once was. No so long ago -- as recently as 2002-03 -- it was easy for the bros 2 sell us a war. All they had 2 do was put it on the TV. 

But it seems many TV's throughout the land have gone dark. Their owners have switched them off voluntarily, and suddenly -- where's the war? Lose the telescreen and we lose our beloved Big Brother(s). is this a great country or what?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

friday cat blogging one day late


After more than 12 hrs in the car yesterday, Samila Gata made it home to AZ after sunset last night.

She spent most of the day in hiding due to the enormous weather event in south-central AZ today, starting with a microburst shortly before 3 pm, followed by a 3-hr deluge. It's now 10, and she just now came into the living room to express her happiness at being home, in despite weather & road aches.

I'l be back tomorrow with News of the Weak.

Friday, September 19, 2014

friday cat blogging

Thurs eve, & Samila Gata is pensive,                      
4 she knows we travel @ dawn.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

terror in the low lands

I suppose ISIS could attack us here successfully, but only if Obama re-appoints Condoleezza Ricepuffs  to run national security, which isn´t likely.

This "ISIS gonna git us" routine is a scam 2 promote a racket. "War" wrote Major-General Smedley Butler, twice a Medal of honor recipient, "is a racket." 

Got that, kids? It´s authoritative, final, & comprehensive, from one who knew whereof he spake. Plus, it´s really, really, simple: whenever you turn on your cable news for a little decapitation porn, or open your "liberal" New York Times where some dweebish "unnamed government official" flaps his gums like a drunken baboon as he recounts the latest atrocities & wets himself thinking about roving bands of IS youths with knives & box cutters loose in a DC shopping mall, you're sucking the poison right out of the garden hose.

When you hear or read this kind of swill, if you buy it, you have been, in the immortal words of Malcolm X, "Had! You've Been Took! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led Astray! Run Amok! This Is What They Do!"

"What they do" is send people &/or killing machines somehere and start shooting at people & blowing stuff up. It did not escape the keen gaze of General Smedley Butler that in addition to a lot of young guys dying horrible violent deaths, a handful of older men, far removed from the hostilities, were making enormous piles of cash. It´s just as true today as it was when he published "War is a Racket" (1930). 

Let´s not buy another overseas war. People don´t want it. It´s immoral, and insane to perpetually be doing people this way, just so a few fatass graying businessmen can sit around listening to each other's sour belches and musical farts. This is NOT hyperbole. This is "what they do" & why they do it, & as always (almost), you know the war is a fkng dirty lie.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

russia b flick

When I saw an obviously Russian contemporary flick in the Red Box it caught my eye, & it looked 2 me 2 B a remake of old Eisenstein's "Aleksandr Nevsky." And it kind of is, in a god-forsaken sort of way. I know Lenin & all those old hemorrhoids are on the outs over there, but I thought there'd be a little bit of reverence for the legacy of old Sergei E. Oh well.                        

I sure my opinion of this work will be obvious in the synopsis of the action, or lack of it, below.

We pick up about half way thru, when suddenly...


Look! It's that steaming, obsequious bivalve, sir douglas macGillivray. ButtBig-Al comes in and interrups his neferryous skeme.

"They put me up to it, Al," says the perplexed macgillervra. They threaten to shoot my humble person in both shoulders then the 4 head.

     Then macgilllivray goes to see the 2 oily monks. these munks r up 2 no good, as u shal soon c.

Ho-ho thatsuit; some buddy got nifed. Than, a berry small arroz poynt is gibbon to Alex Zander, which he examines w/ grate innerest...([cue music] prepare 4 montage) The story there in starts with the dead bare, and the poinson was somehow extracted from the arrowpoint witch kilt the beest and then deliberately gibbon 2 olive tham, xcept the idjit saved em by comitting sewer side.

    So he figure this all out with he pal, Pocky Bushbeerd, in the house with the red wax paper in the windows.

Now we R bak in the bankewett hall and some moran is trowing his long sleeveses about in some sort of idjit dance. But then he cornfess he sins just b 4 they killet him.

We are suddenly transported to the cort of tuvan shoat shiners where Big-Al is suddenly telescoped into the brohter'z hood. & there he offers to throw down with Ponytail Bob 2 his face, and also 2 that of the starry veck who'z PB's  side kiick.

You can tell you're watchin a badass product  wen the location starts to takeover from the acters. It's happening now, as the venue switches 2  Neuschwanstein castle over in Bavarrhoea and a series of 2-big empty rooms.

     And now we bak in roosia, land were houses are made of linkum logs, and BigAl wid  all the homies, but some r pretty pissed. but finally BigAlz-Badr has had enuff of their creeching, and kicks em out except for his inner src! & even there he encounters some resistenacne from Pocky Bushbeerd. 

Tis some sort of church, although it looks molike the subbasement of JC Penny's. Al is in deep eep deep really really deep deeep praiyers, and so are all he old homies of which Al is by far the youngest and only 1 you could vaguley call hansome.

Okeay now we out in the woods goin somewhere, (I hope - this movie has gone nowhere 4 the last hour), and Al is meeeting with Joe the hermit, [who really looks like hes on something.]
    Location change again (lord hep us) it look like morrow bay in calif and Viking long boats and bunch of hatchet men standing about approached stelthily by archers. uh ohs look out youse guys!!

OK all sneeky archers R in place, last few comin up and Big-Al gonna give the word      HIT IT!!!

Fire-tippet arroz setteth all they kingz boats on fire. Now the tutonic inwaders can't leave and all of em shot by arroz, large Big-Al sits there watchinalla wid a rilly rilly reallhy maddog hardass expression on face hole time.  &   then...& then, his novo goroddy infantry come up and finish the  job.

THE END (thank god or bog).

none so blind as those who will nazi

Durka durka, Muhammad jihad.

As is often the case, Jim Kunstler takes on the hydra we Call "US foreign policy" & slays it, fillets it, & lays it out for the world 2 C.

But will we C it?

There are none so blind as those who will nazi.

OK -- call for z question -- Will ISIS attack us over hia?

Kunstler says:

Then, of course, there is ISIS (or the Islamic State or the Caliphate), the most visible outcome of a decade of US foreign policy endeavors in Iraq and Syria. Good show, ladies and gentlemen! You have managed to give the world a political movement arguably more barbaric than even the Nazis. On Sunday, The New York Times stood back in breathless admiration for the accomplishments and skills of that organization in the headline: ISIS Displaying a Deft Command of Varied Media. Like a mad scientist in thrall to his own creation, the Times appears dazzled by the political Frankenstein monster we have loosed upon the world.

Considering all the current mayhem in the Middle East, and the potential for mayhem in the Middle East, and the potential for deadly mischief from it spreading even into the US and western Europe, do we really have any business hassling Putin and Russia about its feckless, floundering next-door-neighbor, Ukraine? In fact, is any other nation in a better position to prevent Ukraine from descending into full-blown failure? Why don’t we just shut up and mind our own business?

realize this comes after 5 paragraphs of "deep backgound," but it does contain the money Question, i.e., will ISIS come here & cut off our heads? as well as the answer.

None of this would be happening if we would just shut up & mind our own businss. And we have more than enuff business to mind without creating foreign threats.

Maybe they DO realize they´re making new enemy soldiers faster than they can kill the old ones. Making more enemies provides the war dept. with job security. 

I really don´t know why they´re doing this, and possibly they don´t either.

If you haven´t seen Jeremy Scahill´s film Dirty Wars, it explains a lot.

Also, IsIs is a lot more likely 2 attak Putin / Russia than Obama / than US, according 2 IsIs spokes Person (I know, they lye, but in this case).

Now it seems 2 yr hummble narrator that Russian navy is reason 4 a lot of what goes on.

ISIS is mad at Putin cause he s Basher Assad´s / syrias only friend in world other than Shi'a Iran.

Russia´s only navy base on the Mediterranan is TaterUs in Syria. Their only warm water port in russ is Sebastapol, in crmea.

One of our local wingers were on here  another day tryna tell me russia don't need modern navy but they do as long as US has Ohio-Class Trident subs sneeking around god or bog knows where. And we do & that forces Vlad's naval status.

It's the old "balance of lunacy" deja vue all over again.

But I see possibilities here. Remember how Stalin stopped being monster / becomes Uncle Joe when fighting Hisler? Then when war is over he resumes monsterhood.

Think that could happen again with little ragtag army of IsIs? Probally not, cause Hisler had real war machine, while IsIs has only US leftovers.

Monday, September 08, 2014

анархия в СССР

What is this thing called the USA? All I can tell U is that it´s not remotely like the country I was born in 70 yrs ago. 

In that respect it´s very similar 2 our dear departed enema, the CCCP, which of coarse no longer exists.

                                         General Steamship

Or even our yoosta B BFF 4 eva the UK (Which also ain´t wot it yoosta B, neither).

                                  Sir John  Rotten

& if that´s too many acronyms 2 keep track of, you ain´t seen nuttin yet.
(It´s the only way 2 B)
Sung by Johnny Rotten

I am the Anti-Christ

I am an anarchist
Don´t know what I want
But I know how to get it
I wanna destroy the passer-by
Cause I wanna B anarchy.


What is this thing called the USA?

Is it a tea partay?

Is it anything like the CCCP?

Is it similar to the UK?

Or perhaps the UDA? (1)

Or possibly the MPLA? (2)

I thought it was in the USA,

Or maybe some other cuntree,

Some other council tenancy.

(adapted from, and with apologies to, Rotten, Johnny & the Sex Pistols, "Anarchy in the UK" [1975])

1) Ulster Defence Association

2) People´s Movement for the Liberation of Angola

Friday, September 05, 2014

there's your answer

                               Bix was a Vulcan.