Thursday, February 20, 2014


States that are "Anti the American ideal" are ones with large & powerful unions in them, because unions are communistic, socialistic, and yucky and we don't want them hia.

Letters come from down in Bam, all the way from Birmingham, and everywhere that Uncle Sam has rural free delivery, and they all say "Remington Firearms, send us your poor, your desperate, suckers and badass who will do anything for a job. States and municipalities down hia pave the way for good relations between bidness and labor.

The tendency, in the dreadful, potentially violent, anti-government atmosphere currently prevailing in this country is away from unions, or any kind of protection for workers at all. Welcome to 21st century neo-feudalism, and serfin' USA.

Proud 2 b a venusian

Am I proud to be American? Not particularly, but I'm not ashamed of it either.

I am proud of some of the accomplishments of our gov't, particularly the civil rights legislation of '64 & '65', which came just as we were making a wrong turn toward Vietnam.

I can't imagine being that proud again unless & until we hang a youie and go back to that spot, & take a different direction.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Unions make very easy targets. In countries with military dictatorships the union guys might as well walk around with bullseyes painted on their backs.

Of coarse, we're not like that in this country ´cause we have checks and balances. The corporate branch of government balances the military branch, and the other part, the part that used to be called the government just is there for comic relief mostly.

Anyway, it´s textbook fascism, dressed up all technocratic and wise, but with a deep seated grudge against labor unions, which are a potential political workers´ movement. The animosity of our rulers to organized, militant, and politicaly demanding workers can break into violence or ooze into blanket survellance at the drop of a beany.

The USA today has an exceptionally bad and stinking government, as was pointed out this week by Dmitry Orlov, in which a decrepit, 18th-century plan of government has been peverted into the sole task of legitimizing privilege, and institutionalizing violence.

Begin with a congress founded on corruption, where the legislators enact laws written by lobbyists which run thousands of pages, which no one, least of all Joe Congressman, can read or understand.
Naturally, nearly all this legislation tneds to shore up the status quo, and leave things exactly as they are. As a result, the president of the US, Barack Hussein Obama, has announced he´ll begin ruling by decree (called an "executive order" or some such in the jargon), the natural response of a competent executive to a moribund legislature.

So, there went your Constitution. Thanks for nuthin, Congressfolks.
Now, who´s gonna stand up for working people?
You know, I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night standin in the prison yard,
And he was goin up the very next day to face a Utah firin squad.
Joe said ¨They framed me on that murder charge, and you know I wouldn´t lie to you,
But the only thing that Joe Hill ever done was three chords and the truth."

Three chords and the truth, three chords, and the truth,
Well the only thing Joe Hill ever done was three chords and the truth.
Well he sang his good old union songs and he got his message through,
And it´s a cryin shame what they done to him for three chords and the truth.

Ry Cooder
"Three Chords and the Truth"