Wednesday, December 21, 2016

by trevor @ f***b***

Rather than sit through this depraved and ruthless presidential election, I'm going on a two week kayak trip on Lake Powell. Launching from Bullfrog Saturday Oct 29 I'll paddle to Escalante arm over three days. Spend 4 exploring 40, 50 mile, and Davis before heading south to San Juan arm over 2 days visiting reflection and hidden passage. Spend three up San Juan then three back to Bullfrog on Nov. 12. I'm voting with my arms and legs, head and heart, words and emotions. I'm voting for the the restoration and expansion of wild places for their own sake. I'm voting for the draining of lake powell at glen canyon dam in accordance with the Fill Meade First strategy. Get our stuff out of the way and let nature come back in. Leave it how it was.