Monday, June 30, 2014

2 my friend solfeggio

Sofeggio, maybe your Jesus is a nice Jewish boy. Mine based on what little we know of him, was a dangerous radical who made a big enough ripple to get himself picked up and executed.

The Jewish Hierarchy didnt like him at all. He was always creating disturbances by bending the rules, inviting all manner of inappropriate people to his endless dinners, incuding (shudder) women and (gasp) people with skin problems. It seems his ministry involved a lot of time banqueting, for he has every appearance of what his unlettered & rude companions would call "a party animal."

They must have carefully marked his progress toward JERUSALEM, followed by a horde of wretched proles and ordinary working people. First thing when he gets to town is he leads this enormous crowd up the hill and pulls that business at the temple. That was what sealed his fate, for even though the high priests didn´t know what to think, he let them know what HE thought of THEM with that little escapade.

After that it was pretty much standard operating procedure. So the head guy goes to Pilate, who´s been portayed as hesitant because of the obvious innocence of the man brought before him. The real Pontiffs Pilate didn´t give a damn about that, and probably signed the death warrant without reading it. Caiphas brought him some crackpot rabble rouser, and Pilate´s m.o. was to nip all and any problems of that sort in the bud, and in a way that would insure they were never heard from any more.
The Christians´ God was a social revolutionary. His earthly  
revolution was extremely short, but his shadow proved very long.

                                               Jeziz, smokin a cig & drinkin a brew.                                              

Sunday, June 22, 2014

president former resident

Apparently one of the hosts on Foxist News Network is asking whether the lost e-Mails will lead to Obama's resignation. I can answer that.

No, they will not.

This has been another segmrent in the ongoing series, "Simple answers to stupid questions."

This is really just another ODS fantasy. And the teacher asks, "Why do some people appear to be afflicted with an irrational & all-consuming hatred of Barack Obama?

"Oooooooh, I know. I know. Call on me!"
It's time for America´s backward elements, aka the dirty one-third, to make the big switch from irrationnal and obsessive negrophobia to an even more primal fear -- that of being swallowed up by Hillary Clinton´s big lesbo vagina.

Most of them are so practiced I´ll bet they´ll be able to do so without missing a stroke.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

strange bunkmates

Proving once again that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," The Iranians on Thursday sent in a couple thousand fighters to help the US and the Iraqi Shi'a try to get  a handle on the Sunni/ISIS insurgency. 

The confirmation comes as the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, said Iran was ready to support Iraq from the mortal threat fast spreading through the country, while the Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, called on citizens to take up arms in their country's defence.

In Iran, Rouhani raised the prospect of Teheran cooperating with its old enemy Washington to defeat the Sunni insurgent group – which is attempting to ignite a sectarian war beyond Iraq's borders.

The Guardian story calls this "a fragile alliance," & will have heads spinnng in the  US considering the 1984-like change of Iranian fortune. For the Iranians, who have had two US Navy carrier groups parked on their front doorstep in the Persian Gulf for years, it's an opportunity to reset the global pecking order. 

It will also bring back Iranian memories of the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88, in which Saddam Hussein, at the urging of the Reagan administration, invaded Iran and set off a fire he couldn´t control. The US lost close to 5,000 troops killed in the 8 years of our Iraq War; Iran lost 300,000 dead and 5,000 dead for them was a bad day, not a bad decade.

It´ll be fun to see the reactions of the guilty. For example, that insufferable twit, Tony Blair is all over the news this morning loudly proclaiming that the current Sunni offensive has nothing -- but absolutely nothing -- to do with Bush's (and Tiny Blair's) 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Back in the day, when those old Hebrews were doing battle with the Edomites & the Jebusites & the parasites, they kept track of their sins in a daily register. Every year on the 10th day of the 7th month, the high priest would select two goats to sacrifice for the corporate sins of God´s people, Israel. One of these, ¨the Lord´s Goat,¨ was immediately killed on the altar, and the other, the scapegoat, driven into the wild desert.

The chief priest then carried some of the sacrificed animal´s blood into the room where only he could go, the Holy of Holies, and only on this one day of the year -- Yom Kippur, the day of atonment. Going behind the veil, he sprinkled blood on the Mercy Seat, the lid of the Ark of the Covenant. Then he would confess to Jahweh the sins of the nation, figuratively transferring them to the scapegoat who carried them off into the desert, where they were never heard from any more.

Today, A scapegoat is someone designated to carry our shit for us. Rather than personally answer to God or humans for our greed, envy, pride, or anger, we load it all onto the head of a. specially-chosen human. 

Such is the case of Sgt Berghdahl, who now carries our collective frustrations and sins not just from the past year, but the last dozen or so.The frustrations of stalemate in Iraq & Afghanistan, the bewildering array of ideological freaks parading across the public's TV screens, & the continuing & accelerating erosion of our "way of life," so-called, escalate social tensions & pressures to the point where people begin to actively search for the goat.

And suddenly there he is, the reverse messiah, the great unleader, and one upon whom we can load all our resentment, fears, and saliva. And this one comes with a dad who "looks like a Muslim" -- a big bonus which helps spread the hatred a bit. It seems people instictively recognize the goat when he appears, and everyone piles on for an opportunity to churn the stick around in the barrel.

There's not a more animalistic & primitive behavior than modern-day scapegoating.

Sunday, June 08, 2014


If we put ourselves in the hands of autocorrect, we find ourselves with a risqué interlocutor.

Have you ever texted someone with the news that "my boyfriend just left with his mom's corpse,
When what you typed -- or thought you had -- was "his mom's Camaro?"

Or you ask a guest whether "chicken fajitas sound OK." But the text he receives invites him for chicken vaginas, which leads to the rejoinder, "No, not really...and ROFL by the way."

See the full text of these & 33  more gems.rat cheer.

Monday, June 02, 2014

my kinda town

Herewith, a faithful copy of a huge hit song of 1927, rendered from English to Japanese by the Google translator, then back into English again.

Old Savannah, the "Savannah I, 

In this case, south brand. 
Climate mentioned that there is a warm"
 weather is to say, something that I do not understand.
They have a gal
gal quite there are,  
Who is cold than the storm in the Arctic. 
I got a heart like a stone just. 
But, plural form of iceman leave her alone.

They are tough town leather nasty gal to call hard-core Hannaher, the VAMP of Savannah, but the heart of Hannah is tough. She's the kind of gal like to see men suffer. 

They say, is the joy of her to EM thrill,
To torture them, and kill the EM and EM 
Tease, thrill, Su them and tease them.

Well, I pour water to those who drown there
-- She saw her on the beach in a huge pot.

Sunday, June 01, 2014


Back on The Salish Sea

We left Mesa, Arizona in mid-May, when temps were in the low nineties. Six days on the road and we dropped lightly into Port Orchard, Washington, with its cool, cloudy mornings, warm, sunshiny afternoons, & lovely blowboats.

If your objective is experiencing a beautiful day every day of your life, become a snowbird. You´ll be resented by the poor working people who broil through the Arizona summers. or those who mildew through Seattle's winter glurk, but just tell em they´ll get their chance.

Retirement is for the fotunate. Everybody worries about money, but the main thing is to have a car that works, and medical insurance. You stay home a lot, and figure out ways to cut corners. For example: Bought about $100 worth of lumber, dirt, manure, plant starts, and seeds the last couple days. We´ll have a lot of fun on that C-note, and in the fall won´t be buying many groceries for a couple of months.

And when we go back to Arizona in the fall, the citrus crop will be imminent, and the 110-degree days gone for another eight months.