Monday, June 30, 2014

2 my friend solfeggio

Sofeggio, maybe your Jesus is a nice Jewish boy. Mine based on what little we know of him, was a dangerous radical who made a big enough ripple to get himself picked up and executed.

The Jewish Hierarchy didnt like him at all. He was always creating disturbances by bending the rules, inviting all manner of inappropriate people to his endless dinners, incuding (shudder) women and (gasp) people with skin problems. It seems his ministry involved a lot of time banqueting, for he has every appearance of what his unlettered & rude companions would call "a party animal."

They must have carefully marked his progress toward JERUSALEM, followed by a horde of wretched proles and ordinary working people. First thing when he gets to town is he leads this enormous crowd up the hill and pulls that business at the temple. That was what sealed his fate, for even though the high priests didn´t know what to think, he let them know what HE thought of THEM with that little escapade.

After that it was pretty much standard operating procedure. So the head guy goes to Pilate, who´s been portayed as hesitant because of the obvious innocence of the man brought before him. The real Pontiffs Pilate didn´t give a damn about that, and probably signed the death warrant without reading it. Caiphas brought him some crackpot rabble rouser, and Pilate´s m.o. was to nip all and any problems of that sort in the bud, and in a way that would insure they were never heard from any more.
The Christians´ God was a social revolutionary. His earthly  
revolution was extremely short, but his shadow proved very long.

                                               Jeziz, smokin a cig & drinkin a brew.                                              

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