Tuesday, March 29, 2016

money monie$

I don't know if any body here is a "Hardball" fan or not. I'm not, although during the times I've had access 2 a TV and cable the past few years, I've watched the career of Chris Matthews with horrified fascination.

At first I almost liked him in spite of his obnoxious habits, especially, butting in when a guest was halfway through answering a question Matthews asked her or him. That he always did so in a grating, klaxon-like, Irish tenor made the performance cumulatively more and more annoying over time.

But in those days he sometimes seemed to B just an overly-earnest young chap. That side of him peaked in 2008, when Matthews said on air that the election-night prospect of an Obama presidency made a warm thrill go up his leg.

Fast forward 8 yrs 2 2016, and old Hardballer Chris is no longer the eager young Cat'lick guy from Philly. Now he's a well-recompensed and extremely important  cog in Hillary Clinton's would-be 2016 juggernaut.

If you dig just below the skin of Matthews's partisanship, you'll find that his wife, Kathleen, a Clinton Democrat, is running for Congress thanks largely to the generosity of Clinton's big donors

It's all about money mis amigos y amigas. Money, money, money, money, money, and one more thing: corruption.  Because if you want to now how we got into this dysfunctional political system we have today, just click the link and follow the money. You'll be treated to an absolute anatomy of corruption if you do.                                         

Saturday, March 26, 2016

pop tsunami

Writing in the Inquisitor, Reno maintains ye lyttle sparrow was "the most appropriate bird" to light on Sanders's podium & interrupt his speech the other night in Portland.

He didn't say that's especially true because T Rump was attacked by the King of ye skies, a bald eagle, back in December. Compared to ye mighty eagle a sparrow is worth nothing. Each tIny bird a small and insignificant creature of whom Jesus may have said; "Look at the sparrows, which you can buy for 2¢ in the market place. There isn't one of them that falls to earth that God doesn't notice. (& By this, you will know that every hair on yr head is numbered.)"

Because the sparrow, like his cuz the mouse, is very much an individal. Get to know a mouse or a sparrow well & you quickly find the numerous physical ways the little critter is different from all his brothers & sisters, as well as a natural argument 4 ye primacy of individualism. For as individuals fight for dominance in a society, they demand all its rewards.

The sparrow is humble, but each individual has a sense of self worth. "A cat can look at a king," I've heard, and it's also obviously true that cats do regarde le roi de fois en fois; happen. By the same token, a sparrow can look at a bodhisattva, and I'm sure this is just one in a long series, & not the initial occurrence of such a sparrow-bodhisattva encounter. & Certainly the example of St Francis comes to mind, but Francis was covered with lice, and served as a perambulating bird's cafeteria.  

friday cat blogging

Friday, March 25, 2016

dueling icons

Russia Today ran this cool pic this past December when T. Rump was attacked by a trained bald eagle named UNCLE SAM during a cover photo shoot for TIME magazine. RT even has video.

At the time of the attack, I spotted & smelled a powerfully bad omen, powerful enuff 2 cast a dark shadow over the efficacy of Rump's  entire sinister campaign. It never occurred to me that Bernie Sanders might, within 90 days, come up with a counter-omen even more prophetic than Uncle Sam's obvious dislike of T. Rump.

But 2day it happened. As Bernie began speaking 2 aprox 30K people in 
Portland, OR, a tiny sparrow swooped into the hall, landed on the podium, looked respectfully at the speechless speaker a few moments, then took off freely, & on Good Friday 2. 

ye normal news

Three names I go by:
1. Dave
2. David
3. Pop(s)

Three places I have lived:
1. Youngstown
2. Seattle
3. Mesa, Arizona

Three places I have worked:
1. Eldec
2. The Keyboard lounge

3. Delano High School
Three things I love to watch on TV:
1. News
2. Seahawks foopball
3. Vice (HBO)
Three places I have been:
1. Germany
2. Tokyo in old Japan
3. Tijuana in old Mexico
Three things I love to eat:
1. Eggs
2. Chilis
3. Fettucini Chlcken Alfredo
Three people I think will respond to me:
1. Rachel
2. Kit
3. Jim
Favorite drinks:
1. Water
2. Coffee
3. Lemonade
Three things I'm looking forward to
1. Our trip this spring 2 my ancestral homeland in S. Georgia
2. Butterfly museum
3. The Sanders Administration, during which the people discover that listening to and digging Moses is necessary but insufficient & each of us has 2 get off our fat rusty dusty and walk 2 the Promised Land on out own 2 feets.

dirty commie of ye weak

Apparently, whether winger heads splode or not depends on the party of ye preznit pozing in front of an artist's rendition of the dirty commie flavor of ye weak...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

An Analogy

A guy bought an old house in, let's say, upstate New York. He got it cheaply and sight unseen, knowing it was a fixer-upper. 

As it turned out, "fixer-upper" was an overly optimistic euphemism. The main timbers, door surrounds, and window casings were dry rotted and mushy. Windows were cracked, broken, or warped, and the floor full of soft spots, rotted carpets, and loose boards. The roof was all patches and shambles; the brick fireplace and chimney crumbling. 

But the foundation was solid, and in the end there was nothing to do but tear down the entire decrepit superstructure and have it hauled away. Starting with a time-tested and integral foundation, the property owner built a new, modest, but functioning house and lived in it the rest of his life. 

If we look at the current incarnation of American government, how can anyone doubt that this enormous and rotten system of patronage and payoffs, this swollen bureaucracy of executive departments and do-nothing agencies (did you know the Fed has an Energy Department that's supposed to give it a handle and some control over our energy situation?), this gargantuan and parasitic war machine, an incipient dictatorship and secret police apparatus, needs to be demolished and utterly swept away, right down to its foundations. 

Our foundation -- our Constitution -- is solid, and could serve as the basis for a new government. But EVEN the ancient constitution, which comes down from 6 generations before me and 7 antecedent  2 my daughter,  needs to be shored up by a constitutional convention which acknowledges and deals with new realities that didn't exist in 1787 -- the rise of big capital and of big capital's illegitimate, quasi-governmental power, and the advent of the ubiquitous electronic media that plutocratic rulers since Mussolini have eagerly employed to manipulate gullible and vulnerable populations with a relentless blanket of fascist propaganda. 

This country was founded on the idea that the welfare of the people is the object of government, and that it exists to serve us. Jefferson believed, and so do I, that when a government to longer serves its own people and oppresses them instead, it needs to be demolished, and another government erected in its place. 

We still have some valuable real estate (although its value has been undermined somewhat by the global warming enabled by this corrupt and now insolvent government). We still have a solid foundation. We still have an educated and skilled work force, willing and able to scrap the so-called "service economy" and return instead to making things of value for a living. These are things that frequently last longer than the people who made them. 

But we've reached the point where things absolutely must change fundamentally, and we can no longer tolerate the oppression and tyranny of this rotted and insolvent government of plutocrats, fascists, Wall Street swindlers, and terrorist warmongers.

brew ha ha

So what's the biggest story of the day this fine spring a.m.? ISIS attacks Brussels airport? 

That's a biggie, but it's yesterday's news.

I spoze we could go with the TrumpenCruz reaction to the Brussels attack, which demonstrates with finality that the 2 Rehooligan front runners are also the 2 most insufferable azzoles on the planet.

But that's not news.

Voting rites

No, the big story of March 23 is the systemic disenfranchisement fraud that occurred in AZ last nite. What makes this story so huge is that it points to our needing 2 have to have a full-blown democracy
movement, just like the "Arab Spring," right here in these Untied States, in order to see any progress at all.


                                   OLE HICK'RY

For 15 yrs the Rehooligans have been                                             
chipping away at democracy, because they truly hate it. As we slept, they ran their "voter fraud" scam while the Supremes screwed around with the voting rights act, until now it's necessary for us to insist that the laws governing voting haven't changed, & still apply.

The price of freedom really is eternal vigilance.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

sanders v Trump

Bernie Sanders talks immigration policy beside as the Great Wall of Arizona in Nogales, Mexico, snakes over the hill & into the distance Saturday morning. Iove this photo of the small and somewhat frail candidate, who already carries much of the weight of the world on his narrow shoulders. 

Simultaneously, Trump addresses  a rally in Phoenix, to the same topic. Protesters, who appear to outnumber attendees by approx 3-1, are kept at a distance of 100 yds by Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Deputies.
HOWEVER, after the short rally ended, the annoying female annozr. at FoxNN annoz'd: "Pro Trump attendees outnumbered protesters by a YUgE margin."
So it goes.
 I'm still looking 4 a pic.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

kit in charge

My wife & girlfriend, Kit Wood, is more energetically blogging the election than I'm able 2 right now, which tells me I should move aside and make way for those who R gettin 'er done.

She follows this pointedly academic message with a quote from old TJ.

This snaps our attention back to ye topic -- the fact that truth is all there is. Every thing else from spin to purest fantasies is fabrication, in a cosmic game of let's pretend.

Kit & I went to Bernie's Phoenix rally on Tuesday of course, where our new old leader said the following:

“The grotesque income inequality in this country is not only unsustainable, it’s un-American.”

 “The wealthiest family in this country is the Waltons who own Walmart … I say to the Waltons, ‘Get off welfare, pay your workers fairly.’”

 “I know that every man in this room will stand with the women in this room in the fight for [pay] equality.”

“To my mind, democracy is not complicated: It’s one person, one vote … Together we are going to overturn this disastrous Citizens United.”

Saturday, March 12, 2016

allie the towelie

Heard on CNN Friday Eve:

 Violence has broken out at a Drumpf rally in Chicago. Here with a live update is ALLIE  the TOWLIE.

(I don't even know thre proper spelling of that word "towlie." Or is it "towelie?")

Ok we're getting a live feed now from Allie the Towlie.

''Allie, wut R U C-ing raht now?''

''It's all effed up w/ warioers fighting all over the floor.  & that fogging heliocoptors overhead, they are drownding me out.''

''10Q 4 dat, Allie the Towlie.''

Saturday, March 05, 2016

cat blogging


It was while looking @ Atros's Eschatonblog this morning that I realized I haven't published Friday cat blogging for weeks. Considering there are some who come here only to check on the cat, and that there may be someone somewhere who thinks she no longer exists because of her long absence from this page, here's your Friday Cat, one day late, as usual.

IMG_20160305_101212768.jpgMornings are still her favourite time. After getting up at 3 or 4 am, she ghosts around for an hour or so and then begins to work on getting me up, with progressively louder meows. Once it's daylight I let her out for a turn around the house, then it's breakfast, and after that she goes to the porch and jumps into her stroller, and waits patiently to be taken for a walk. She loves the rountine, and I have to confess I like it too.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

blogger bloodies

When I opened my ears this morning they were assailed by a speech from our old friend, Willard "Mittens" Romney, who was enaged in producig vitriol aimed at Donald Drumpf, the Repub Lickin front-runner, and it was vinegary vitriol 2...

I didn't know Mitt had it in him, but then he's shown he's not afrad to at least get in ye ring with Evander Holyfield & do this kinda funky chicken dance a for a couple minootas...

Funny that he should only be this articulate when he's got somebody he can really hate & fear. Think aboudt it & U Realize why Drumpf threatens him mortally. & then U realize we all oughta B that scared of ye standard-issue mad dictator.

This is pretty neat besides raising the Question: "Is Mittens running again? Mitnzzz -- RU runnin thar, sun? agin?" and lookin 4 that old back-door nomination from ye Boyz @ ye convention? U bet he is! Knot only that, but Mittens got a frebus, & it gots a heskinny in it.

6 times in all, but the seventh time this VIIth son of a 7th son got his message thru! I see this getting very sudsy, a lot like a soap opera.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

soup' tuesday

Mrs. Clinton wins Soup Tuesday 6-4, with 1 draw (Massachusetts was real close).


Last night I learned that CNN has their collective nose up Hillary's butt so far they deserve 2 B called the "DNC Annex." Late in the evening they were calling last night's game as 7-2, by not counting Sen. Sanders's caucus-state victories in Colorado and Minnesota.

 Soup Tuesday brings Hillary's lead to 8-5, & 2 draws (Iowa, besides Mass).

At this point, facts on the ground favor Sanders: 

1. All Hillary's victories last nite were in the barbaric corn bread regions, ruled in fact by former Tent revivalists turned TV evangelists.

2. Bernie Sanders is in the 4th round of a rope-a-dope-type bout. At this point he wants her in front, setting the pace, waiting for the NY and Calif primaries & a 12th-round knockout. 

This guy is a cool customer; he knows his only job is to not let her luze him. When the time comes to move, he'll cover it like it was a daily routine.

Illustration: Donkey Hotey

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

awella blessa ma soul, what's a-wronga wit me?

I have no head, and consequently have no teeth.
But it's all right, because I eat only a liquid diet.
~~~~~~~~: Suck my sweet potato.

Fuck me if I'm not having serious problemas just layin the letters out in ye rite odour. 'S'konna B a long afternoon & the shadows become very, very, tall & skinny, just before the humungous flashbulb pops & your entire life is reduced  
                                                                              a                                       snapshot                                 ,';'

                 When the
                                          sun goes  


A Beautifiul young woman circa early 80's.

Dude! Ck it aus. wow it's ossum! 


Be sure 2 tune in 2morrow for another episode of "Soup' Tuesday," during which. we'll analyze the superstitions & customs of Sen Cruz & his Tribe of nutty Texxanz.


Heidi Warkentin Bosley
posted this @ F__B__ 2 day.  
Remember - it's not about flat-out "winning" today. It's about continuing to gather delegates and keeping the momentum moving forward and the trajectory rising and trending upward. Obama lost 21 states in 2008. Most states voting today are Southern states. Towards the end of March/first of April the voting schedule for states will start to align in Bernie's favor and he will start winning states. 
Remember - it's all about gaining momentum and getting to California. Bernie will make a good showing today and that's all that he needs. Hopefully he will win 3-5 states. But, don't get discouraged by any media narrative that says "Hillary swept Super Tuesday."
Remember - Bernie or Bust!!!