Saturday, March 26, 2016

pop tsunami

Writing in the Inquisitor, Reno maintains ye lyttle sparrow was "the most appropriate bird" to light on Sanders's podium & interrupt his speech the other night in Portland.

He didn't say that's especially true because T Rump was attacked by the King of ye skies, a bald eagle, back in December. Compared to ye mighty eagle a sparrow is worth nothing. Each tIny bird a small and insignificant creature of whom Jesus may have said; "Look at the sparrows, which you can buy for 2¢ in the market place. There isn't one of them that falls to earth that God doesn't notice. (& By this, you will know that every hair on yr head is numbered.)"

Because the sparrow, like his cuz the mouse, is very much an individal. Get to know a mouse or a sparrow well & you quickly find the numerous physical ways the little critter is different from all his brothers & sisters, as well as a natural argument 4 ye primacy of individualism. For as individuals fight for dominance in a society, they demand all its rewards.

The sparrow is humble, but each individual has a sense of self worth. "A cat can look at a king," I've heard, and it's also obviously true that cats do regarde le roi de fois en fois; happen. By the same token, a sparrow can look at a bodhisattva, and I'm sure this is just one in a long series, & not the initial occurrence of such a sparrow-bodhisattva encounter. & Certainly the example of St Francis comes to mind, but Francis was covered with lice, and served as a perambulating bird's cafeteria.  


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F U don't know by now, U prolly hadn't oughta mess witjh it.