Tuesday, March 29, 2016

money monie$

I don't know if any body here is a "Hardball" fan or not. I'm not, although during the times I've had access 2 a TV and cable the past few years, I've watched the career of Chris Matthews with horrified fascination.

At first I almost liked him in spite of his obnoxious habits, especially, butting in when a guest was halfway through answering a question Matthews asked her or him. That he always did so in a grating, klaxon-like, Irish tenor made the performance cumulatively more and more annoying over time.

But in those days he sometimes seemed to B just an overly-earnest young chap. That side of him peaked in 2008, when Matthews said on air that the election-night prospect of an Obama presidency made a warm thrill go up his leg.

Fast forward 8 yrs 2 2016, and old Hardballer Chris is no longer the eager young Cat'lick guy from Philly. Now he's a well-recompensed and extremely important  cog in Hillary Clinton's would-be 2016 juggernaut.

If you dig just below the skin of Matthews's partisanship, you'll find that his wife, Kathleen, a Clinton Democrat, is running for Congress thanks largely to the generosity of Clinton's big donors

It's all about money mis amigos y amigas. Money, money, money, money, money, and one more thing: corruption.  Because if you want to now how we got into this dysfunctional political system we have today, just click the link and follow the money. You'll be treated to an absolute anatomy of corruption if you do.                                         

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