Friday, March 25, 2016

dueling icons

Russia Today ran this cool pic this past December when T. Rump was attacked by a trained bald eagle named UNCLE SAM during a cover photo shoot for TIME magazine. RT even has video.

At the time of the attack, I spotted & smelled a powerfully bad omen, powerful enuff 2 cast a dark shadow over the efficacy of Rump's  entire sinister campaign. It never occurred to me that Bernie Sanders might, within 90 days, come up with a counter-omen even more prophetic than Uncle Sam's obvious dislike of T. Rump.

But 2day it happened. As Bernie began speaking 2 aprox 30K people in 
Portland, OR, a tiny sparrow swooped into the hall, landed on the podium, looked respectfully at the speechless speaker a few moments, then took off freely, & on Good Friday 2. 

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