Wednesday, March 23, 2016

brew ha ha

So what's the biggest story of the day this fine spring a.m.? ISIS attacks Brussels airport? 

That's a biggie, but it's yesterday's news.

I spoze we could go with the TrumpenCruz reaction to the Brussels attack, which demonstrates with finality that the 2 Rehooligan front runners are also the 2 most insufferable azzoles on the planet.

But that's not news.

Voting rites

No, the big story of March 23 is the systemic disenfranchisement fraud that occurred in AZ last nite. What makes this story so huge is that it points to our needing 2 have to have a full-blown democracy
movement, just like the "Arab Spring," right here in these Untied States, in order to see any progress at all.


                                   OLE HICK'RY

For 15 yrs the Rehooligans have been                                             
chipping away at democracy, because they truly hate it. As we slept, they ran their "voter fraud" scam while the Supremes screwed around with the voting rights act, until now it's necessary for us to insist that the laws governing voting haven't changed, & still apply.

The price of freedom really is eternal vigilance.

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