Wednesday, March 02, 2016

soup' tuesday

Mrs. Clinton wins Soup Tuesday 6-4, with 1 draw (Massachusetts was real close).


Last night I learned that CNN has their collective nose up Hillary's butt so far they deserve 2 B called the "DNC Annex." Late in the evening they were calling last night's game as 7-2, by not counting Sen. Sanders's caucus-state victories in Colorado and Minnesota.

 Soup Tuesday brings Hillary's lead to 8-5, & 2 draws (Iowa, besides Mass).

At this point, facts on the ground favor Sanders: 

1. All Hillary's victories last nite were in the barbaric corn bread regions, ruled in fact by former Tent revivalists turned TV evangelists.

2. Bernie Sanders is in the 4th round of a rope-a-dope-type bout. At this point he wants her in front, setting the pace, waiting for the NY and Calif primaries & a 12th-round knockout. 

This guy is a cool customer; he knows his only job is to not let her luze him. When the time comes to move, he'll cover it like it was a daily routine.

Illustration: Donkey Hotey


Joseph said...

I was also thinking that him winning California should shake things up a lot. It is a scary thought of him possibly losing to Trump in a contest between two candidates not backed by the powers-that-be.

©∂†ß0X∑® said...

Joe, It is scary 2 think about moving away, too. Bernie's got 2 win this thing. & I believe he will. The thing that's gotten too scary to me 2 think about is not securing a win.

IF it's Clinton vs Trump this fall you'll hear a lot of people singin "Do U know the way to San Jo-Sé?"

Joseph said...

Lately Trump has been more diplomatic. If he keeps that up it makes things harder.