Thursday, March 03, 2016

blogger bloodies

When I opened my ears this morning they were assailed by a speech from our old friend, Willard "Mittens" Romney, who was enaged in producig vitriol aimed at Donald Drumpf, the Repub Lickin front-runner, and it was vinegary vitriol 2...

I didn't know Mitt had it in him, but then he's shown he's not afrad to at least get in ye ring with Evander Holyfield & do this kinda funky chicken dance a for a couple minootas...

Funny that he should only be this articulate when he's got somebody he can really hate & fear. Think aboudt it & U Realize why Drumpf threatens him mortally. & then U realize we all oughta B that scared of ye standard-issue mad dictator.

This is pretty neat besides raising the Question: "Is Mittens running again? Mitnzzz -- RU runnin thar, sun? agin?" and lookin 4 that old back-door nomination from ye Boyz @ ye convention? U bet he is! Knot only that, but Mittens got a frebus, & it gots a heskinny in it.

6 times in all, but the seventh time this VIIth son of a 7th son got his message thru! I see this getting very sudsy, a lot like a soap opera.

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