Sunday, June 22, 2014

president former resident

Apparently one of the hosts on Foxist News Network is asking whether the lost e-Mails will lead to Obama's resignation. I can answer that.

No, they will not.

This has been another segmrent in the ongoing series, "Simple answers to stupid questions."

This is really just another ODS fantasy. And the teacher asks, "Why do some people appear to be afflicted with an irrational & all-consuming hatred of Barack Obama?

"Oooooooh, I know. I know. Call on me!"
It's time for America´s backward elements, aka the dirty one-third, to make the big switch from irrationnal and obsessive negrophobia to an even more primal fear -- that of being swallowed up by Hillary Clinton´s big lesbo vagina.

Most of them are so practiced I´ll bet they´ll be able to do so without missing a stroke.

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