Monday, June 02, 2014

my kinda town

Herewith, a faithful copy of a huge hit song of 1927, rendered from English to Japanese by the Google translator, then back into English again.

Old Savannah, the "Savannah I, 

In this case, south brand. 
Climate mentioned that there is a warm"
 weather is to say, something that I do not understand.
They have a gal
gal quite there are,  
Who is cold than the storm in the Arctic. 
I got a heart like a stone just. 
But, plural form of iceman leave her alone.

They are tough town leather nasty gal to call hard-core Hannaher, the VAMP of Savannah, but the heart of Hannah is tough. She's the kind of gal like to see men suffer. 

They say, is the joy of her to EM thrill,
To torture them, and kill the EM and EM 
Tease, thrill, Su them and tease them.

Well, I pour water to those who drown there
-- She saw her on the beach in a huge pot.

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