Sunday, June 01, 2014


Back on The Salish Sea

We left Mesa, Arizona in mid-May, when temps were in the low nineties. Six days on the road and we dropped lightly into Port Orchard, Washington, with its cool, cloudy mornings, warm, sunshiny afternoons, & lovely blowboats.

If your objective is experiencing a beautiful day every day of your life, become a snowbird. You´ll be resented by the poor working people who broil through the Arizona summers. or those who mildew through Seattle's winter glurk, but just tell em they´ll get their chance.

Retirement is for the fotunate. Everybody worries about money, but the main thing is to have a car that works, and medical insurance. You stay home a lot, and figure out ways to cut corners. For example: Bought about $100 worth of lumber, dirt, manure, plant starts, and seeds the last couple days. We´ll have a lot of fun on that C-note, and in the fall won´t be buying many groceries for a couple of months.

And when we go back to Arizona in the fall, the citrus crop will be imminent, and the 110-degree days gone for another eight months.

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