Thursday, February 20, 2014


States that are "Anti the American ideal" are ones with large & powerful unions in them, because unions are communistic, socialistic, and yucky and we don't want them hia.

Letters come from down in Bam, all the way from Birmingham, and everywhere that Uncle Sam has rural free delivery, and they all say "Remington Firearms, send us your poor, your desperate, suckers and badass who will do anything for a job. States and municipalities down hia pave the way for good relations between bidness and labor.

The tendency, in the dreadful, potentially violent, anti-government atmosphere currently prevailing in this country is away from unions, or any kind of protection for workers at all. Welcome to 21st century neo-feudalism, and serfin' USA.

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Joe said...

Everybody was serf in, serf in USA.