Sunday, September 28, 2014

situation normal afu

As we approach the end of our 12th year at war in Iraq with no end in sight, everything appears 2 B going as planned.

After a short break and a seasonal metamorphosis, the enemy has returned to the field, and our media functionaries are wetting themselves describing how ISIS is more terrorizing, more sadistic, and much more badass than even their al-Qaida predecessors

When our Big Brothers choreograph a war, they require each new incarnation of the enemy 2 be scarier than the one before, otherwise, the two-minutes hate becomes routine, an empty ritual.

You guys wanna know what I think?

2 bad, i'm gonna tell U anyway.

During a week on the road, I eavesdropped on conversations from Seattle to Boise to Salt Lake, and heard exactly zero (ø) people talking about ISIS or the war in Iraq. It was a lot different 12 years ago, if you'll recall.

Last Friday I turned on the tube for the first time since leaving Mesa last spring. There was ISIS, and the airstrikes, and "allies," and the usual lame analyses. It took me about 30 secs to realize I was watching a fkng TV show.

Really, other than in Iraq, TV is the ONLY place this war even exists.

It's hard to resist the conclusion that, like the two earlier Iraq War incarnations, this is strictly a TV war. For people who have never, or who no longer live in "TV Land," there is no war. And there never will be.

Joe Pentagon is, as usual, a little slow on the uptake. He still labors under the illusion that television is the all-poweful medium it once was. No so long ago -- as recently as 2002-03 -- it was easy for the bros 2 sell us a war. All they had 2 do was put it on the TV. 

But it seems many TV's throughout the land have gone dark. Their owners have switched them off voluntarily, and suddenly -- where's the war? Lose the telescreen and we lose our beloved Big Brother(s). is this a great country or what?

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