Saturday, September 13, 2014

none so blind as those who will nazi

Durka durka, Muhammad jihad.

As is often the case, Jim Kunstler takes on the hydra we Call "US foreign policy" & slays it, fillets it, & lays it out for the world 2 C.

But will we C it?

There are none so blind as those who will nazi.

OK -- call for z question -- Will ISIS attack us over hia?

Kunstler says:

Then, of course, there is ISIS (or the Islamic State or the Caliphate), the most visible outcome of a decade of US foreign policy endeavors in Iraq and Syria. Good show, ladies and gentlemen! You have managed to give the world a political movement arguably more barbaric than even the Nazis. On Sunday, The New York Times stood back in breathless admiration for the accomplishments and skills of that organization in the headline: ISIS Displaying a Deft Command of Varied Media. Like a mad scientist in thrall to his own creation, the Times appears dazzled by the political Frankenstein monster we have loosed upon the world.

Considering all the current mayhem in the Middle East, and the potential for mayhem in the Middle East, and the potential for deadly mischief from it spreading even into the US and western Europe, do we really have any business hassling Putin and Russia about its feckless, floundering next-door-neighbor, Ukraine? In fact, is any other nation in a better position to prevent Ukraine from descending into full-blown failure? Why don’t we just shut up and mind our own business?

realize this comes after 5 paragraphs of "deep backgound," but it does contain the money Question, i.e., will ISIS come here & cut off our heads? as well as the answer.

None of this would be happening if we would just shut up & mind our own businss. And we have more than enuff business to mind without creating foreign threats.

Maybe they DO realize they´re making new enemy soldiers faster than they can kill the old ones. Making more enemies provides the war dept. with job security. 

I really don´t know why they´re doing this, and possibly they don´t either.

If you haven´t seen Jeremy Scahill´s film Dirty Wars, it explains a lot.

Also, IsIs is a lot more likely 2 attak Putin / Russia than Obama / than US, according 2 IsIs spokes Person (I know, they lye, but in this case).

Now it seems 2 yr hummble narrator that Russian navy is reason 4 a lot of what goes on.

ISIS is mad at Putin cause he s Basher Assad´s / syrias only friend in world other than Shi'a Iran.

Russia´s only navy base on the Mediterranan is TaterUs in Syria. Their only warm water port in russ is Sebastapol, in crmea.

One of our local wingers were on here  another day tryna tell me russia don't need modern navy but they do as long as US has Ohio-Class Trident subs sneeking around god or bog knows where. And we do & that forces Vlad's naval status.

It's the old "balance of lunacy" deja vue all over again.

But I see possibilities here. Remember how Stalin stopped being monster / becomes Uncle Joe when fighting Hisler? Then when war is over he resumes monsterhood.

Think that could happen again with little ragtag army of IsIs? Probally not, cause Hisler had real war machine, while IsIs has only US leftovers.

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