Tuesday, February 02, 2016


I looked at my blog this moning and realized with consternation that I haven't posted here for a week.

For which i can offer only the usual vague excuse -- I've been really busy, sleeping mostly. For the last two weeks I've been taking radiation therapy for cancer, and it makes a person very sleepy, which is OK if you don't have to go to work or something ridiculous like that.

Plus the greatest accomplishment of my life -- my daughter -- was here last week, and we got to deal with her manic energy due to ADHD -- a lot of fun, but a bit wearing for a couple of old people. She used 2 B tortured by the condition, but now enjoys it.

But enuff of my boring excuses. I'll be back domani, woth my own take on the Iowa cock-asses. 


Joseph said...

Dave I hope the therapy knocks out that cancer fast. Your daughter is swell.

©∂†ß0X∑® said...

My daughter is an unstoppable force, Thanks for yr comment as always, Joe.

Joseph said...

Yor very welcome, Dave. I'm very glad she's there.