Tuesday, February 23, 2016

annals of sociopathy -- updaed

"I'd like to punch him in the face" Donald Trump says of a heckler at a Vegas rally, as the man is escorted out by security.

See video of Trump boiling over @ Youtube.

Any body who thinks this Sociopath or any one like him,  should ever be allowed within a mile of the Oval Office should have his or her head examined.

UPDATE:s The Sociopath destroyed what passes for his competition last night in Nevada's caucuses, taking 46% if the votes cast, and proving that among the states,  Nevada wears the mask of sanity.


Joseph said...

He seems a reembodyment of leaders during the early to mid 1900s Europe.

Joseph said...

Presently it looks like Hillary will be the next President.

©∂†ß0X∑® said...

Joe, I hope you're wrong. Currently she beats T..RUMP by 1% -- and is so unlikable THAT I think he'd cap her in a protracted campaign.
It's true that T.RUMP has a lock on the Rehooligan nomination, However, Hlllary is not yet home free, See today's post,..,