Wednesday, February 03, 2016

...and so...on to nuevo hemp, sire

Ye Newes from Neuvo Hemp, Sire, is that every one is there -- from zoup 2 nuts, or vrom Bernie's chicken soup 4-D  soul 2 Mr.T's (Ted's) Cruznuts.

Zair iss notting left, my lad, 4 2 contend 4, excepting plain & UN-surpris'd rebellion, or what some would call  *political revolution.*

Ye American Revolution was such a type, for any one who possessed real power in those days wanted to abstain from attacking the fk dato-pms pain center (or in udder wurds) Ovum ozoo'm, as ye tater tytt  fren--zeeee OK?! 

so, ikan go ();j) wid. it  (g/)0-[widdit]-0.
iike I kan go widdit, o widout. 
But I prefer Wiffit, ooo00h 000h o0 yeh,
Cuz it's so much nicer than widout one
oh Man, it's Nice.


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