Wednesday, July 12, 2017

branwell & me

I can’t remember if I ever told U the story of Branwell and me.

This was in Utah in 2014. There were some  brontosaurus pups, and one of em followed me home a couple of times, but I wasn’t allowed to keep him. I named him Branwell after
the Bronte's disreputable younger brother.

He soon was able to recognize our car.   
"Uh oh! Branwell Bronte sawr us."

Every other day or so I’d have to walk him back up to ye store, where he and his family lived on the produce that otherwise  would  have been dumpstered.

Kit took this pic on Dec 13, 2014, as we were leaving town.  I just had to stop & say g'bye to the little guy, who was about 12 weeks at the time.  He’s fully grown by now, and  having a better life than his namesake did, I'm sure.

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