Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Edited Powderlying Pall

yas yas yas, inner view wid Ken "the Letter Carrier" Mailman ("he dillivers") is a crangleschnazzle not to be mist. Even wen sed inner view is wid big meeny natsy Charly Wallflower, the Boxcar Gunsul. Wallflower axes wither "yore stragedy is get an erection by ten and ten and ten and ten and ten and one?" to witch the Letter Carrier widdily replys, "Mebbe. Mebbe not. It wokked out that wise in 20 oh four, but whee aslo made in roads wid Mexicans and Negroes in big slums, witch I yam plizzed to call Hysphanic boaters and American-Afrikkans in huge siddies." Nayvair atta lozzfor woids, that Letter Carrier. So Y O Y doan I hab no friggin' CARRIDGE RETRUN? http://powerlineblog.com/archives/015712.php

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