Sunday, January 21, 2007

La Historia de Pedro Conejo

Be sure to read Woyjacek Schewtszyschencko's Freudian interpretation of the history of the picaresk adventures and misfortunes of Pedro Conejo, how he disobeyed the injunktions of his mother and ventured into the forbidden garden of the ominous Hacendado el Cabron MacGregor, acting out his eddipal desire to succeed where his father had failed. In the process he nearly became pi, as happend to the old man. And there are two insufferable parts: 1) Pedro's nasty siblings, Flopse, Mopse, and Cola del Algodon eat bread milk and blackberrys but Pedro, ill from his eggzertions, gets camomeal and bed, and 2) There is still no carridge return on this suffering aboriton.

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