Friday, April 20, 2007

The Toast of the Beltway

One of the things Alberto Gonzales took a lot of heat for at his Senate hearing yesterday was his willingness to function as Bush's water boy, rather than as an independent and self-sufficient prosecutor. I don't know why the senators felt that way. You don't get mad at a lump of ice for being cold.

If the Shrub were to appoint a truly independent and completely nonpartisan AG, he or she would have plenty to do at home, putting the administration under the anal-o-scope. Enough to keep him or her busy for the next year and 2/3 for sure.

As for yesterday's hearings, I didn't see any of them on the teevee, but I listened to analysis and an hour-long recap on NPR last night, and ended up almost feeling sorry for the little guy. I've sat through a lot of Senate hearings, including most of Watergate, and I've never seen anybody shot at from so many different sides or treated with such undisguised contempt. Ever.

You'd think Gonzales would bail on the job just to escape from the horrible situation he's in. With the grilling he got yesterday, he must have been sitting there shaking like a dog shitting peach pits.

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