Monday, May 21, 2007

Annals of Addiction

If I have any regular readers here (and I hope I have a few), I apologize for not having been around for a week. I've been dealing with the effects of quitting smoking, and while I've had plenty of time, I've had neither the energy nor the inclination for blogging.

It seems the unlovely combination of bronchitis and emphysema finally did what the simple desire not to smoke (and thus be cool, yogic, serene, organic, and wise) was unable to do -- make not smoking a pleasure. And even though I'm still alternately on edge and listless, it really feels good not to be sucking those toxins into my lungs and coughing them back out. Ugh.

In addition, I can't quite get over the feeling that on a mainly political blog there's not much to write about these days. We're stuck having to bear the current unbearable situation another 19 months, and there ain't a whole lot anybody can do about it, except maybe Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and they ain't doin' it.

But that's OK; we're not dead yet. The earth is still producing crops, and some of the bees are still alive. We haven't attacked Iran yet, and maybe we won't. And I'm still here and still breathing, although I'm not quite sure why or how.

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