Saturday, July 07, 2007

O'Reilly and the Lesbians

Anybody who still takes Bill Orally seriously better have a brain scan PDQ.

Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" awards for Friday featured an O'Reilly toofer: he took second place for having his D.C. radio show pulled and replaced by a sports talk show, while at the same time managing to capture first place for reporting the previously unremarked existence of a “national underground network of lesbian gangs carrying pink pistols” who are terrorizing and raping young girls and forcing them into lesbianism.

One of Fox News's paid shils, sitting in with O'Reilly as a guest expert, asserted that there are over 150 such crews in the D.C. area alone.

All I can say is I hope there's film at 11:00. This should be fun to watch. I wanna see those pink pistols.

I think Orally is just resentful of females who disdain a heterosexual persuasion because he hates thinking about all those women out there who will never feel the touch of his fabled falafel. Or is it his loofah? But why bother about insignificant details?

Seattle's Dave Neiwert has all the gruesome details of this heinous threat at his blog Orcinus.

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