Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh, I Soooooo Don't Care I'm About to Faint

Over on the Beliefnet U.S. Politics board, about half the threads on the front page are now Limbaugh threads. First there were half dozen or so har-har-har chest thumpers about the Harry Reid anti-Rush letter the dittoheads auctioned off on E-Bay in a frenzy of mutual masturbation, followed by a couple of anti-Limbaugh scrolls, most notably couldntgetjustscott's "Lies" thread, which provided an amusing and necessary laxative to the congested proceedings over there.

But I must say, I care about Rush Limbaugh and the moonbats who take him seriously about as much as I care about the South Beach Diet, or NASCAR, or owning a 5,000-square-foot home with a swimming pool, or the World Wrestling Federation, or who's going to win on "Dancing with the Stars," or Pray-er in our Skew-els, or Lawrence Welk reruns on PBS, or going shopping at Wal-Mart, or pimped-out pick-em-up trucks, or wearing a Rolex watch, or...or...or...

Maybe I should care about him more, since I understand he's very influential. I even know a couple of people who reverently listen to him, but my attitude toward that is to pity the less fortunate.

And until the political situation reaches the point in this country where I suspect the dittoheads have enough power to lock up everybody who knows more than they do, I'm not going to think much about him, or them. He, and they, are boring, silly, and clueless.

And actually, I wouldn't mind owning a Rolex. They're overpriced and ugly, but I've heard they more than pay for themselves in the amount of female attention a guy gets when wearing one.

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