Monday, October 01, 2007

Planning the Crime

George Grosz, "Sonnenfinsternis"

The preznit was putting out through a spokesperson today that he wants a peaceful solution to the "Iran problem." I guess the independent press still has some clout in this country, since Bush's sudden pacifism was in response to Seymour Hersh's new Iran article in the current New Yorker, which just hit the streets and the web over the weekend.

"The president has said that he believes there is a diplomatic solution that we can use to solve the Iranian problem. And that's why we're working with our allies to get there," said Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino, quoted today in an Associated Press article.

Bush is lying, of course (so what else is new). Hersh's article details how he and Cheney are planning to give the orders to attack Iran very soon, and that the key to their being able to do so is the collapse of opposition to such an attack within the Pentagon.

There's a good synopsis of Hersh's article at Tom Tomorrow's site, This Modern World, which also links to the full New Yorker piece.

The most important points:

*Since the generals weren't buying their plan to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities and other infrastructure sites, the White House came up with a new plan this summer. According to Hersh, "Now the emphasis is on 'surgical' strikes on Revolutionary Guard Corps facilities in Tehran and elsewhere, which, the Administration claims, have been the source of attacks on Americans in Iraq."

Also according to Hersh, "The revised bombing plan for a possible attack, with its tightened focus on counterterrorism, is gathering support among generals and admirals in the Pentagon."

And that's the key: the new plan is endorsed by the brass hats, and there is virtually no opposition in Congress to an Iran attack, which proves conclusively that the current Democratic Party is the biggest bunch of Judases in American history, and possibly the biggest bunch that ever walked the earth.

I'd suggest reading the entire Hersh article. The White House, of course, is sniveling about all the un-named sources, as if Hersh's contacts in the Pentagon and White House would allow their names to be used. This is tomorrow's news today.

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