Friday, October 05, 2007

Tin Shackin' It

Things are very quiet in the tin shack right now. I'm using hardly any electricity; the little refrigerator is plugged in, but not running at the moment, and there's a small fan blowing the stale air from the back room. No air conditioner (I don't have one), and it's cool enough to leave the swamp cooler off all day.

I drove about a mile and a half round trip to the corner store to get cigarettes, and that's all the driving I want to do today.

Outside the wind is gusting and blowing leaves about, but that's not a noise-pollution type sound. It's both natural and seasonal. The sun is shining intensely, but with the wind the temperature will barely top 80 degrees today.

It's very peaceful and quiet here. Most of the residents aren't back from their summer travels yet, and the park's generous vegetation has assumed that shaggy, overgrown look typical of the season. There's almost no traffic, no dogs barking, and only rarely does the sound of a human voice break the stillness.

All this makes for a contemplative atmosphere, and today it agrees with me.

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