Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dogs in the House

The Senate's capitulation to George W. on the FISA warrantless spying legislation, engineered by a coalition of Republicans and Bush Dog Democrats, now goes to the House, where that chamber's litter of Bush Dogs is waiting to lubricate it and slide it on through.

Congressional Quarterly reports (via Kos) that "House Republicans engineered a series of procedural votes Wednesday in a bid to derail the Democrats’ prooposed (sic) extension (of the original FISA law), which President Bush said Wednesday he would veto. They argued that the House should simply take up and send to the White House a surveillance overhaul bill (HR 3773) that the Senate passed by 68-29 Tuesday.

"Because 21 conservative Blue Dog Democrats have endorsed the Senate-passed bill, Republicans might be able to win approval of the Senate bill through a motion to recommit the extension with instructions to amend it with the text of the Senate bill."

Kos also includes a complete roster of the House of Representatives Bush Dog coalition. Also see any Las Vegas sports book site for odds on whether the U.S. Constitution will ever be restored.

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