Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now it Can Be Told

Shocking! Riveting! Ripped from the headlines, like a broccoli fart ripped from the butthole of my cousin, the macrobiotic diet freak!

Now it can be told, how John McCain, once a straight-talking, moderately right-wing Republican Senator from Arizona, where his mild and polite conservatism appealed to a large geriatric constituency, was transformed into a pristeen and unadulterated wingnut, able to withstand any ideological examination the high priests and shamans of wingnuttery might administer to him.

They put him in the oven, and he became to fascism what oatmeal and raisins are to cookies. Tom Tomorrow has all the salacious details.


Joe said...

He had his chance in 2001.

Joe said...

PS. Nice having ya back on board.