Friday, February 15, 2008

Rupert Murdick Strikes Again

Hey Joe, if you didn't pick up the info from my blog I wanted to tell you that I'll no longer visit the BeliefNet site.

The reason is that if I go there, my computer stops functioning. I either can't keep an internet connection at all, or response time gets slower and slower and slower the longer I stay on. It's probably because the place is loading our machines with adware and spyware.

Can't really blame Rupert Murdick because Bnet’s always been that way. If anything, he just made it a little worse. But the bottom line is I have avoided BNet for three days, and my computer is working great now.

I really miss my friends and enemies at Beliefnet, but what can I do? This is just basic survival.

Hope to see you at my blogsite.


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Joe said...

Hi Dave, mine used to do that a lot mainly because I have dial-up, I thought. A couple of years ago, I turned off a lot of internet Explorer settings in the advanced options. Doing that stopped a whole lot of junk from downloading and sped up page displays by a facter of several times.

I intend to keep drinking at your font of wisdom.

PS. How is your new house settling-in progressing?