Saturday, February 23, 2008

That Old Seattle Hunch

Looks to me like the Puget Sound region might turn out to be the one part of the country that avoids the depression.

Boeing is about to get a huge Air Force contract, the biggest military contract in quite a few years, and one which won't be equalled any time soon. True, Boeing hasn't landed it yet, but they've always gotten it in the past, and the competition doesn't look that keen.

The Air Force is going to replace its entire fleet of tanker planes. That's what makes this deal such an enormous chimichanga. And Boeing is already real busy, although I don't know what with. I know people who are working there, and they say it's hopping up in good old Seetle right now. Sea-Tac is the one urban area in the country where the price of housing is still going up. Amazing.

Maybe I should leave the desert for a while and go get a job at Boeing in Everett, in a parts warehouse somewhere, punching the keys and doing inventory control. They're going to be hiring all kinds of people, to go to work for the war machine and they'll be handing out the big bucks. Gummint money -- the best kind.

And why not? If you've got to live in an empire, you might as well get some of the juice.

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