Friday, April 25, 2008

The Assignment

If I was able to have coffee with Viktor Frankl on this lovely spring afternoon (which I can't do, because he passed on in 1998), he'd probably tell me that what I need to do right now is determine what my assignment is.

Once I have my assignment, carrying it out will become my first priority.

Today I'll meet and sit for a few hours listening to the person who may become my teacher. I'll know after this weekend. If he is to be my teacher, I'll get my assignment from him.

Determining the assignment at this point is more important than anything else. It even surpasses the question of where I'll live, and how. It goes without saying that I'll have to live somewhere and make ends meet somehow. But discharging the assignment, once it's given, becomes my responsibility, and with responsibility comes meaning.

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Joe said...

My assignment seems to be to keep myself going day to day in order to try to help people on earth progress. People include humans and other intelligent beings.