Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hot Links

I finally got past the difficulties of dealing with the "new, improved" version of E-Blogger's layout feature and posted some links to other, lesser-known blogs of interest. Scroll down to beneath the blog archive at left. I'll add a few more as time goes by, and see no need to link to the heavy hitters like Atrios. He has enough traffic without any help from me.

"Green Asheville" is the work of a friend I met on an internet discussion group. It exposes the dangers and reveals the atrocities of real estate development as it is practiced in most of our fair country these days, by concentrating on the effedcts short-sighted developent policies have had, and are having on Ocean's beloved home city of Asheville, North Carolina. (For an overview of development in SoCal, see this blog's entry called "The Nation of Slurbia.")

Grace Nearing's "Scriptoids" blog is always carefully written, and her points logically argued, and she has little patience with sloppy work. I don't know Nearing, but was steered in her direction by Atrios, liked what I saw, and have been a regular reader since then.

"Winter Sailor" is a new blog by a former student of mine, currently serving in the U.S. Navy and expecting to receive his orders for ground duty in Iraq at any moment.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the note about my little journal/blog.

I'm going to try and post regularly and if my orders stick, as I expect they will, I'll try to write about what I see and experience. I just posted an entry about why so many of us "sailors" are becoming ground soldiers.