Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Teddy Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor. His survival is in doubt, and his continued presence in the Senate is highly unlikely.

From his Senate seat, Teddy Kennedy presided over the last days of the late, great United States of America, speaking out against the war, the tax cuts, and the subversion of the Constitution that ended this country. He never looked to see how many were on his side.

Over the years he had problems with booze and women. He is human, after all, and given to human frailty.

His brother Robert was assassinated in 1968 while in the midst of a campaign for the White House. He had promised that if elected, he would put an end to the imperial war which was undermining the intergrity of the country at that time. Like the current struggle, it was based on lies, fantasies, and an incredible degree of fear and rage directed against anyone with the temerity to stand up to us.

Robert had personal failings too. He was extravagantly ambitious, and not always careful about honoring the deals he had made. And he was not above dealing with unscrupulous people.

There's no need to discuss the fate of the second-oldest brother (the oldest, Joe, Jr., was killed in World War II), nor his character defects, which were many and widely known today. John F. Kennedy, according to his speechwriter, advisor, biographer and amaneunses Ted Sorensen, was planning at the time of his death to end the Vietnam War before it really got started. I think it might be more the case that he was weighing that possibility, but Sorensen is an honorable man and I'll take his word for it.

This is the end of the presence in American government of the main stem of the descendents of Joe and Rose Kennedy. It occurs as the casket containing the remains of what used to be the U.S.A. is lowered into the ground.

My own lifetime has encompassed the latter stages of the tragic history of this country, from the prelude to the building of the first nuclear weapons in 1944 to the death of the constitutional republic under Bush II. The country signed its own death warrant when it became the pre-eminent superpower, an imperial presence dominating the globe with its military, and the world's primary source of WMD, death, and destruction. All this was paid for with the tax dollars of a well meaning, but deluded and brainwashed proletariat, which only now seems ready to resist the encroachments on its liberties and bank accounts as it is deliberately and systematically submerged into poverty and debt slavery.

This is a real heartbreaker, and with the death of the U.S.A., I find myself ready to taxi out to the runway for final takeoff myself.

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