Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hilltop Destination

Today I took my usual morning walk to the top of the hill and got this lovely picture of a typical Cole Valley sidewalk scene. This small market at the corner of Stanyan and Parnassus has one of the city's nicer selections of cut flowers.

But alas, my errand was not mainly flower oriented, since my main destination this morning was the more pedestrian objective of Walgreen's, right across the street from this charming scene. I needed to get Metamucil cookies, since the biological reality of aging dictates that once most of us have passed 60, our natures need a little assistance.

The weather here seems to be transitioning from foul to fair. There's still a cool breeze and some high fog, but I'm hoping that by tomorrow it'll be summer again.

I've been here nearly a month now, and while I'm still charmed by this city, its crowded, intense, and relentlessly concentrated essence is beginning to wear on me somewhat. I'll be back in Desert Hot Springs by this time next week, but only for a few days; from there I travel north, to the truly cold country.

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