Monday, June 02, 2008

Neighborhood Joys

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, as the late Fred Rogers used to sing. The sun is shining and it's about 60 or maybe 65 degrees. It's a good day for walking.

The Alpha Market is the heart of this little enclave, standing squarely at one of its two main intersections (Cole and Parnassus), right next to the big hardware store. On the other side of the street are a fitness/pilates studio and an excellent sushi restaurant.

The other main intersection is a block away at Cole and Carl, where the "N" streetcar stops. There's a laundromat there, and a video rental place, and more restaurants.

Looking to buy clothes? On Haight Street there are always excellent deals at the Goodwill Store, and one of the best used clothing stores in the world, Wasteland, is just a few doors down. Why buy anything new?

Occasionally I do have to leave the womb of Cole Valley, but even then most everything is within walking distance. For example, this morning I had to leave the neighborhood to buy two grams of high-grade marijuana, in a shop about ten blocks away. I also had to go to the hospital (University of San Francisco/St. Mary's -- one of the world's best) to schedule a CT scan. That took me outside the neighborhood, as I had to cross the Golden Gate Park panhandle, but it was still only a fifteen minutes' walk.

I could easily settle down here and never leave.

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