Monday, June 23, 2008


I wrote in my private journal earlier today that "As Jim Kunstler predicted years ago, the energy crisis is turning into the everything crisis. And it's not the crisis that's upsetting so much as people's stupid reactions to it."

The unreflecting nature of a stunned and stupefied public eventually tends to drive calmer and more analytical types out of the political realm, and causes some to retreat toward internal sources of strength in an attempt to maintain equilibrium.

Maybe that's why yoga is gradually, slowly, but inexorably moving toward the center of my life, and replacing politics and activism increment by daily increment.

Yoga is not an exercise technique, although it incorporates that activity. And it is certainly not a performance art.

Yoga is a wellness program.

Yoga is an aesthetic.

Yoga is a philosophy.

Yoga is a way of life.

Its essence is utter simplicity.

Its demeanor is quiet, and doesn't call attention to itself. That's why it flies under the radar.

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Joe said...

We could especially use more of those last two points.