Monday, July 14, 2008

Beautiful Vista Mierda

On a discussion group I frequent, Joe brought up the topic, "'Beautiful ________' (your Village Name)" and commented "The slogan is thrown around here to motivate villagers to become slaves to property 'beauty' while getting them to pay higher property taxes, too. Again, it reminds me of the P. T. Barnum comment."

I never thought of it that way before, but it does make sense now that Joe pointed it out.

Here in Beautiful Port Orchard (and it is beautiful), I guess if people are willing to work hard enough, they too can raise the assessed value of their property.

Probably better to put a '54 Chevy up on blocks out in the front yard, a washing machine or refrigerator (preferably the former) on the front porch, and let the dandelions grow.

I expect to have a bumper crop of crabgrass this year. I'm also trying to get my uncle, the one with the beard who always wears blue overalls and no shoes, to sit on the front porch beside the washing machine with a shotgun in his lap and a gallon bottle of something or other beside his chair.

Now that's what I call property beautification.

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Joe said...

When a youngun, I used to hike through the woods and meadows almost daily during the warm sunny summer. I am glad that I didn't have Game Boys or cell phones to clog my mind with wasteful diversion.