Thursday, July 17, 2008

Creative Vandalism

The great and well-known stencil graffiti artist Banksy started the trend, and now others are picking it up.

(See here for some of Banksy's recent work, and scroll horizontally.)

Illegal, but very high-quality political art is popping up all over. It's saying things you won't hear on the corporate news networks (Action McNews) or even NPR, and is an important expression of populist outrage.

The new kid on the block is Ron English, a legitimate artist doing illegal billboard art. My favorite of his is "Evolution: It's Not for Everyone," which he put up in Spain.

I also like his "Playdate Iran."

The work of Ron English was brought to my attention by Grace Nearing on her blog

Any good, competently done, political graffiti in your neighborhood? Take a picture and send it to me via e-mail, and I'll post it here.


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Joe said...

Interesting how England incorporates the media into the paintings.