Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Fine Mess

OK, the price of crude oil has jumped up to $122 this morning because a bunch of neocon cowboys with guns who happen to be running this country are messing around in Eastern Europe and pulling Putin's chain.

We really don't want to mess with the Russian bear. He's not only dangerous when provoked, but he's also at present the world's biggest oil producer.

I wonder when we're going wake up and realize we can't live with this neocon belligerence. It has too much of a negative effect on our daily lives, and causes real people real pain.

There's an election this year. The Republican in the race would simply continue the same mindless, destructive, belligerent policies that are wrecking the economy, making us enemies all over the world, and messing up people's personal lives.

Why do we worry so much about what other people are doing instead of what WE'RE doing.


Joe said...

Poking a bear in the eye is dangerous. Strange that a lot of Americans don't seem to know that.

Joe said...

Dave, you might recognize this statement. "To Putin I say, "Bring it on!"

Reminds me of the beginning of WW1.

Isn't it rather bugging to know that there are enlightened whose message is lost among so many clods?

I read your stuff at that other place but have not much talent for transferring thought to paper. I often read just your inputs.