Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Days of Wine and Psychosis

Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist, is saying that at a recent get together in the vice-president's office, Cheney was meeting with a bunch of his buds, and one of the items they discussed was the idea of disguising American sailors -- Navy Seals to be precise -- as Iranians and then having them attack American ships. That way, Cheney would be able to get the public support for the Iran War he's been nuturing in his viper's bosom since day one.

Shouldn't an assertion like this be followed by shrieking headlines in all the newspapers and lead-story treatment on all the networks? I'll answer my own question, and say that in a sane country, one that hasn't gone all the way around the bend, it would be.

Headline News: We're not just being governed by lunatics, but by evil lunatics.

But Hersh's revelation is nothing more than inaudible background noise in the blaring soundtrack for daily life in the nuttiest country on earth, worthy of nothing more than shrugged shoulders and a few blog posts by so-called radicals.

Jonathan Schwarz steered us toward this nugget from his steady and constant guardpost at

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Joe said...

The tinfoil hatters have basis for their ideas. I heard an alleged brit intelligence fella say that, basically, the types of things that are supposedly believed by the fringes really do get carried out. The truth is often some combination of different views, weighted to one side or the other.