Friday, August 29, 2008

The Final Insult

Several threads have gone up at Beliefnet lately with the common theme that the U.S. economy is improving, that we are better off now economically thanks to Bush than we were before, that the hardship many Americans now suffer is "psychological," and we need to stop whining, and instead should feel grateful for all that's been done with us.

This morning's Paul Krugman column in the New York times effectively demolishes these evasions and fantasies, which can now take their rightful place alongside other rich works of the human imagination such as The Da Vinci Code and The Celestine Prophesy. Krugman cites simple, straightforward U.S. Census Bureau information which shows that adjusted for inflation, median household income in the U.S. declined by $1175 a year between 2000 and 2007, while during that same time median household expenses increased by $4655.

And that's not even counting the worst year, 2008, when the poo hit the air conditioner.

On top of this, last week one of McCain's "health policy" advisors, a certain John Goodman, added insult to injury by declaring that there's no such thing as citizens with no health insurance in this country, because uninsured people who are hurt or sick can always go to the emergency room.

The McCain camp reacted quickly. Responding to inquiries from a reporter at the blog Talking Points Memo, "First, the McCain camp denied that Goodman was an advisor. Then, after being confronted with evidence to the contrary, they went on to issue what amounts to a non-denial denial and a repudiation of Goodman's emergency room statement."

But the neocon message had already been delivered, and it was just this: "We got ours -- so why don't you go get yours? You want some? Screw you, go get your own."

How about you, Mr. Goodman? If you step on a nail in your back yard or get an ear infection, do you go to the emergency room? I thought not.

In my not-so-short life I haven't been this grossly insulted too many times. And what Mr. Goodman said, this McCain campaign non-advisor advisor, insults millions more just like me.

It's the last insult we ever need to take from this crew. I hope they're careful that the door doesn't hit 'em in the ass on their way out.

The Democrats, via Obama's speech last night, implied that they plan re-allocate some of the resources currently being hogged by the Empire of the Pentagon, Inc., and redirect them to the service of the health and well-being of the country's citizens. God help them if they fail to do so.

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