Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He Stumbled to the Podium

The consensus is that Hillary's speech just now was the greatest speech I never heard.

True, I didn't hear it, but I know what I'm supposed to think of it. I've been tipped off by the Associated Press:

The packed convention floor became a sea of white "Hillary" signs as the New York senator strode to the podium, and thousands of Democrats cheered as she took a pre-speech sip of water.

She drinks water and the crowd goes nuts! What would they do if she took a shot of Jack Daniels?

Please note the story says she "strode to the podium." That's what Eisenhower always did when he was running in 1952, as written up in Time Magazine. He "strode" to the podium, whereas the Democrat, Adlai Stevenson always "ambled." It made Stevenson sound like the missing link.

I remember that even though I was only eight years old at the time. I remember my Dad calling my Mom's attention to it, and they had a giggle over silly Henry Luce and his mag. That was at a very early stage of my political education.

I'll be watching closely to see what verb the A.P. chooses to describe Obama's perambulation to the podium when he arrives to accept the nomination. The verb the writer chooses will communicate to us how we're supposed to feel about it, and him.

I believe that after you plus the New Yorker and minus Fox News, there is a single, unified, mass media narrative.

And I'll see out takes from Hillary's speech on Youtube tomorrow. I'll just watch the juicy parts.

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